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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Set for a whole new adventure in the genius and life consuming RPG legend, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a direct sequel to FF XIII and continues the plot of the previous game three years on from the climactic ending. Set once again on Gran Pulse and Cocoon, it returns to the lush backdrops, stunning characters and amazing cut scene animations that have made Final Fantasy games ace since its inception.

The story this time around picks up with Lighting missing and presumed dead. However, as Serah, Lightning's younger sister, discovers that that she is alive and well she sets off to find her and help to stop the darkness that has arrived.


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Though the trailer is a little on the sappy side, the story looks like it progresses into action pretty quickly. The game and battle engines look really slick with some of the most graphically detailed gameplay ever seen on a Final Fantasy game.

Time travel will be a big feature in Final Fantasy XIII-2 with characters trying to go back and change time. Using the Historia Crux System (probably a natural evolution from Doc Brown's Flux Capacitor), characters can shape the path of the future with trips to the past or learn about the possible future with trips forward. It's probably this element of the gameplay system that will deliver the alternate ending possibilities that are a part of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The storyline doesn't necessarily look as gripping as it has been in previous FF games, but maybe it gets going better as the game progresses. Either way, as long as the system works better than that of the official website, it should be a great game to actually play.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has a release date of the 3rd February 2012.

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