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Francois & The Atlas Mountains, Les Plus Beaux

Francois & The Atlas Mountains Les Plus Beaux
Released yesterday (23rd January 2012) on Domino records along with their debut album, E Volo Love, Francois & The Atlas Mountains' Les Plus Beaux isn't necessarily an instant winner. However, it's joie de vivre is a bit infection and before long you're singing along to words you haven't got the foggiest about.

It's a French pop classic in the making with more than a bit of Amelie style quirkiness thrown in for good measure. It's got light guitar melodies in the background and a faint driving afro-beat that grounds the single with roots in the African mentions in the band name.


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The video, filmed by Edward DeVere, is about as kooky-French as it gets, adding to the faint Gallic whiff of comedy that surrounds Francois & The Atlas Mountains and Les Plus Beaux.

While this gives it parallels with The Flight of the Concords' Foux Da Fa Fa, Les Plus Beaux is still a bit class, in a funny sort of way. Come on! Who doesn't love singing and dancing toes painted with faces or riding on the back of man made and powered stags in an abandoned graffitid wasteland in Berlin?

Wiggly hands bum face just gives me the creeps though.

Les Plus Beaux review: 3.7/5

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