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Next generation games consoles, release date rumour for 2012 - PS4, Wii 2 & Xbox 3

It won’t be long before the rumours start flying about the development of the next generation games consoles, Playstation 4, Wii 2 and the Xbox 3; what the first games will be, whether they’ll adapt to new 3D TVs, how the controllers will work, how much they’ll cost, whether there’ll be any new entrants to the big three...

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However, the first rumour that is bound to surface is the release date of the Nintendo Wii 2, Playstation 4 and Xbox 3 and the signs seem to point to 2012. As long as the disasters of the film 2012 don’t materialise in reality then 2012 should see the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo pitting themselves against each other in the next round of the computer games console wars.

The main reasoning behind the rumour is the word on the street that the GPU developers for the consoles have been rubber stamped and the development time required points to 2012. With Intel stealing the PS4 deal right from under the Nvidia noses and ATI rumoured to have both the Wii2 and the Microsoft Xbox 3 in the bag, the next couple of years are going to be filled with exciting news. How much of a step forward the next generation games consoles will be is unknown, but with the leverage Nintendo managed to control thanks to their motion sensor technology, you’ve got to assume that the other two will be hot on the heals of this technology.


14th July 2011

The first big release of the next generation games consoles has been announced, with full details of the Nintendo Wii U.

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