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Paper Dress Bar and Boutique, Shoreditch

The Noisettes at Paper Dress Bar and Boutique, Shoreditch
Shorditch's latest addition, Paper Dress Bar and Boutique, opened recently with go go boots flying. The new bar is filled with art deco and retro furniture to give it the old dress shop style that it has.

The cocktail list and belgium beers on sale give Paper Dress the drinks credentials to make it a great bar and the dresses lining the wall (which can all be bought) keep up the dress shop feel perfectly.

The opening night party, Booze-A-Go-Go Weekender, kicked off the opening night in high fashion with amazing Go Go Dancing from the Meyer Dancers and a headline set from the Noisettes. There was also a host of other bands performing live giving it a lot of potential to become a great gig venue too.

Though some might call it pretentious, the reality is that Paper Dress Bar and Boutique is stylish, quirky and a whole lot of fun. It's easily one of the most interesting bars in Shoreditch already and it's only been open for a few days.


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