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Roger and Val Have Just Got In Series 2

Roger and Val Have Just Got In
Back with Roger and Val Have Just Got In Series 2, the comedy duo odd-couple of Dawn French and Alfred Molina is just as funny as it was the last time around.

As with the previous series the show revolves around the first half an hour in which Roger and Val Stevenson return home from work. Making their mundane lives the focus of the comedy and the importance that they put on every little trifling drama it manages to make their hum-drum half hour a witty dig and celebration of the every day trials and tribulations of life.

It's also just as well-laden with pathos as the first series as their big trial, the loss of their son years before, dominates large portions of their characterisation. This big loss makes all of the littler things a bit more irksome and lays the ground for the bitter sweet comedy.

With the ups and downs of every day life and the vaguest of mentions of fish finger sandwiches, Roger and Val Have Just Got In series 2 is a bit of a must watch. The first episode of the new series aired last week and it verged on the brilliant side. The many-faces box that Val wears in preparation for her big job interview makes it worth watching all by itself.

The six episode series will continue to air on BBC2 (also available on BBC iPlayer) throughout the end of February 2012 and the beginning of March 2012. The Roger and Val Have Just Got in Series 2 DVD will follow shortly.

Roger and Val Have Just Got In series 2 review: 4/5