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Tuppence Magazine computer games news and reviews, looking at some of the best new releases, including consoles, hardware and accessories, as well as PC, Mac and handheld games, mobile and online gaming.

F1 2010

Formula 1 2010 hits the Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360

Ever since the might of team Brawl stole the stage in Formula 1 in 2009, the sport has taken a big boost in action...
Iron Man 2 iPod Touch & iPhone game

Iron Man 2 iPhone & iPod Touch game review

With the growing might of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch gaming and the box office success of Iron Man 2 the film, the prospect...
Nintendo Wii U

Next generation games consoles

Release date rumours for the PS4, Nintendo Wii U & Xbox 720 It's been a while now since the rumours started flying about the development...
Apple iPod Touch gaming

Apple iPhone & iPod Touch gaming review

Pocket gaming with touch and tilt technology class! When I hold my iPhone in my hand it’s hard to believe all of the things that...
Angry Birds iPhone & iPod Touch

Angry Birds iPhone & iPod Touch app review

Welcome to the world of Angry birds, the most addictive game in the history iPod gaming. It’s simplicity and ease of play makes it...
iPhone online gaming

New operating system brings online games to the iPhone

The launch of the iPhone and the ensuing march of apps that have appeared out of nowhere may have changed the face of gaming...
Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft Xbox 360 console – Arcade vs Elite

The Microsoft Xbox 360 comes in a number of different options, so here’s a quick breakdown of what’s the difference between the Arcade and...
Sonic and Sega All Star Racing

Sonic and Sega all-star racing

Does anyone remember Billy Hatcher? For anyone that doesn’t remember him, he was a Sega creation for the Nintendo Gamecube...
PSP Applications

PSP applications

The concept of PSP applications similar to those found on smart phone devices like the iPhone is gathering momentum. With the gaming angle already...
Sony Playstation 3 Network Error

Sony Playstation 3 network error 8001050F

Despite the fact that the error that caused Playstation 3 consoles to stop working last night was confined to just a selection of consoles,...
GamesMaster TV show return

GamesMaster could be on its way back to tea time television

Or at least that's the word on the interweb computer games street anyway. Patrick Moore’s all powerful big floating head and Dominic Diamond’s manic...
2010 FIFA World Cup 2010 computer game

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa PS3 and Xbox 360 release date

The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa was an eagerly anticipated event, so for football freaks the pinnacle of footballing action will have...
NBA Jam Wii

NBA Jam revival for the Nintendo Wii

“He’s heating up!” “He’s on fire!!!” Yeah. You know. We all remember the genius of Midway’s 1993 classic NBA Jam, so it’s about time...
Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo DSi XL news, UK release date & trailer

So I guess with the release of the Nintendo DSi XL, 5 March 2010, the debate comes down to a simple question of whether...
Gran Turismo 5 PS3

Gran Turismo 5 release date & video trailer Playstation 3

Hours, that’s how long. Hours of my life I dedicated to Gran Turismo 3 back in Uni, and I reckon I’ll probably do the...
FIFA 2010

Fifa 2010 review for the Playstation 3

I got a chance to play a lot of Fifa 2010 on the Playstation 3 this Christmas thanks to my nephews and nieces. During...
New Super Mario Bros Wii

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Old school 2D platform excellence is back at Nintendo! The release of New Super Mario Bros Wii on 15th November...

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