Easy recipes for students, the family and all else in between. Our recipes are pretty quick, cheap and healthy, but best of all they’re available free online.

Spanish sausage omelette

Spanish omelette with sausage and spinach

Approx. cost - £3.00 a head Fruit n veg count - 3 If you're looking for a Spanish omelette recipe with a bit more punch, then...
Bacon and mushroom cheese toasty sandwich

Bacon & mushroom cheese toastie sandwich

This tasty bacon and mushroom cheese toastie sandwich is a good way of using up some of the ingredients you might not have finished...
Bacon and basil spaghetti sauce recipe

Bacon and basil spaghetti sauce recipe with a kick

This is a nice and easy spaghetti recipe that brings together the salty flavour of bacon, with the added meatiness of mushrooms, and a...

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