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Album reviews for some of the best new music releases, though not all new albums will get a write up, great bands, good records and new hopefuls will definitely be at the heart of our album reviews section.

Hot Chip, One Life Stand review

Hot Chip, One Life Stand album review

Not so faithful! Hot Chip’s new album One life stand came out this week and it’s an instant classic. From the initial drumbeats in Thieves...
Vampire Weeken, Contra review

Vampire Weekend, Contra album review

It’s hard to listen to Contra without comparing it to their debut album, but Vampire Weekend's innate individuality leaves you with little else to...
Them Crooked Vultures review

Them Crooked Vultures album review

I'm sat at my desk in work (my real work, not this) when I hear Them Crooked Vultures' debut album for the first time,...
Julian Casablancas Phrases for the Young

Julian Casablancas Phrazes for the Young review

In the new dawn of electro we welcome back Julian Casablancas, the voice behind the best guitar songs of the opening decade of the...
The Sunshine Underground Raise the Alarm review

The Sunshine Underground Raise the Alarm review

The Sunshine Underground's 2006 album Raise the Alarm is probably the most under-appreciated album of recent years with its nonstop barrage of excellent songs....

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