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EP and single reviews for some of the best new music releases. With the singles chart a pale shade of what it used to be, we're here to look at some of the real contenders for EP and single high fives with our in-depth reviews. Read more/less

Patrick Watson, Places You Will Go

Patrick Watson, Places You Will Go review

Patrick Watson and his eponymous band are back this year with a new album, following up on 2012's Adventures In Your Own Backyard, and to...
Fold, Two Past Midnight

Fold, Two Past Midnight review

Fold are back with yet another heavyweight single in their latest speech sample soaked tracks, Two Past Midnight and Don't Kid Yourself Baby, which pack...
Django Django First Light

Django Django, First Light single review

Following on from their brilliant self titled debut album, Django Django are back with the first taste of new material in three years in...
La Bete Blooms Stay Away

La Bête Blooms Stay Away single review

Newcomers to the rock block, La Bête Blooms, release Stay Away, the final single from their debut self-titled EP, as a free download back...
Hookworms Radio Tokyo

Hookworms, Radio Tokyo single review and 2015 gigs

Wild style rock and roll is the perfect way to start a New Year and that's exactly what you get in Hookworms' latest single,...
Panda Bear, Boys Latin single video

Panda Bear, Boys Latin single review, video and tour dates

Some artists and bands do nothing but carve their own line in the musical sand and it's the tracks that comes out of this...
Fold Oil Powered Machine

Fold Oil Powered Machine review

Up and coming hip hop funkster heavyweights, Fold, are starting to make waves out of their Leeds stronghold and upcoming single, Oil Powered Machine,...
Foo Fighters Something From Nothing

Foo Fighters, Something From Nothing review

With the upcoming release of the band's eighth studio album, Sonic Highways, out on the 10th November 2014, Foo Fighters have issued their lead...
Whyte Horses, The Snowfalls

Whyte Horses The Snowfalls single review

Sometimes great tracks take a little while to grow on you, but in The Snowfalls, the debut single from Whyte Horses, you're taken almost...

Hookworms, On Leaving single review and 2014 tour dates

Hookworms are about to burrow into your tiny little minds with a psych overload in their second studio album The Hum, and with their...
El May, Thrills

El May, Thrills review and 2014 UK tour dates

Australian singer and songwriter El May - AKA Lara Meyerratken - has just put out her second studio album, entitled The Other Person Is...
White Reaper EP

White Reaper EP review

Hold the phone, stop the press, pick up the chips and kiss my face, we've got a new punk band on the record player...

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