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EP and single reviews for some of the best new music releases. With the singles chart a pale shade of what it used to be, we're here to look at some of the real contenders for EP and single high fives with our in-depth reviews. Read more/less

The Kissaway Trail, SDP

The Kissaway Trail SDP single review

If you’re missing the reverberating sounds of Arcade Fire then The Kissaway Trail’s new single SDP could be the short term fix. While it’s...
Gorillaz, Stylo review

Gorillaz, Stylo (featuring Mos Def & Bobby Womack) single review

Stylo (featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack) is the first time we’ve heard from the cartoon fronted band since 2005‘s Demon Days. Gorillaz’s first...
Maps, Die Happy, Die Trying EP

Maps, Die Dappy, Die Smiling EP review

Die Happy, Die Smiling is more of a protracted single than an EP, but if you think of it as an extended play of...
Animal Collective Fall Be Kind EP review

Animal Collective Fall Be Kind EP review

Animal Collective’s Fall Be Kind begins like a fantastic dream-like trance that soaks you into it’s folds. “Graze” is almost a musical to begin...
Marina And The Diamonds, The Family Jewels

Marina & The Diamonds The Crown Jewels EP review

Crazy, sexy and cool like no other (despite her obvious Kate Bush influences) Marina and the Diamonds' The Crown Jewels EP is a fresh,...

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