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Television reviews of some of the best new shows, dramas, comedies and documentaries on TV.

Bob's Burgers Series 2

Bob’s Burgers

"Hello? The Media?" Bob's Burgers is the new cartoon sitcom type thing on the block... and it's good. Bridging the gap between The Simpsons...
Decade of Discovery, BBC2

Decade of Discovery, BBC2 – Nature is mental

Some of the things you’ll see on BBC’s Decade of Discovery will be hard to believe exist, but every single entry, along with the...
Miranda Series 2

Miranda series 2 review

I have 2 guilty television secrets at the moment, thanks to Miranda Hart's 2nd series of Miranda on BBC2. The first is that I...

Stephen Hawking’s Universe, Channel 4

Stephen Hawking’s Universe is Channel 4’s answer to the BBC’s documentary might, and while it was hard to see how they were going to...
The God Delusion

The God Delusion, Channel 4

Richard Dawkins struggles to reason! If you’ve ever read any of Richard Dawkins’ books (e.g. The Selfish Gene) you know that over the course of...
The Deep, BBC1

The Deep, BBC

Darling it’s better, where it is wetter, under da sea! If Sebastian was insinuating what I think he was insinuating with this line, then he...
Roger and Val Have Just Got In

Roger and Val Have Just Got In

It's awkward, dull and funny. Roger and Val Have Just Got In breaks the sit-com mould completely, but re-establishes the BBC’s credentials in the genre....
Sherlock on the BBC

Sherlocks storms onto the BBC with Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman

Thanks to the success of Matt Smith's Dr Who, the BBC has found a TV platform that really works. Now, with the help of...
11th Dr Who

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor Who – Best new Dr

I’m not really a big fan of Dr Who. I don’t have any real recollection of the older series and to be perfectly honest...
The Bubble, BBC2

The Bubble – David Mitchell gets trapped inside a pointless idea on BBC 2

It’s pretty sad when talented people get involved with bad ideas, but that’s what has happened to David Mitchell if the first episode of...
Rock and Chips

Rock and Chips the prequel to Only Fools and Horses

Watch enough of it and its jour telavive will get you in the end. When I first spotted Rock and chips and realised what it...

Man on Earth, Tony Robinson, Channel 4

Tony Robinson has a cunning plan on climate change for Channel 4. I bumbled my way into watching Man on Earth when I couldn’t find...
David Attenborough, Life

Life by Sir David Attenborough on the BBC review

Wildlife in magnificent detail! If anyone out there has been watching BBC's wildlife documentary Life with the same stupefied expression on their face as I...
Good News

Russell Howard’s Good News review

Russell Howard's Good News on BBC 3 sees Somerset's favourite comedy son build on the stand-up and TV credentials that he's garnered from putting...

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