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New DVD releases in the UK and US, with news and reviews from our film section; bringing you the latest on the best new DVDs, including release date information, trailers and details on special features and extras. Visit our DVD release dates page to find out more about upcoming entertainment movie releases.

Top ten new DVD releases in the UK:

  1. Beauty And The Beast
  2. Logan
  3. John Wick 2
  4. T2 Trainspotting
  5. La La Land
  6. A Monster Calls
  7. Fist Fight
  8. Assassin’s Creed
  9. Passengers
  10. Jackie

New DVD releases news and reviews:

The Hateful Eight DVD review

Quentin Tarantino has got a phenomenal grasp of how to hook you in to the film's he creates and he's called on all of...

Daddy’s Home DVD review

The latest Will Ferrell comedy, Daddy's Home, isn't entirely without its redeeming features, but there are just a few too many blatant moments of...

Sisters DVD review

Maybe there's something to be said for approaching a lighthearted comedy with a healthy amount of low expectations, but for whatever reason, SistersĀ managed to...

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part II DVD review

Somehow, the movie series behind the Suzanne Collins novels has managed to build up a certain amount of momentousness and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay...

The Good Dinosaur DVD review

Ah, The Good Dinosaur! It's yet another unconventional film from the animation hive mind that is Pixar and while it gets pretty bat poop...

Bridge Of Spies DVD review

Bridge Of Spies is admittedly an incredible film with exceptional acting across the entire cast, a ratchet taught plot based on the true story...

Black Mass DVD review

Johnny Depp takes his crazy crazy ways and puts them to good use in the unhinged true-story thriller Black Mass, which arrived on DVD,...

Black Mass UK release date, trailer and DVD details

What is it about gangster movies that we love so much? Is it that they manage to tap into the darker side of our...

The Last Witch Hunter DVD review

Vin Diesel, crazy-ass witches and the backdrop of New York City, what's not to like about fantasy horror action flick, The Last Witch Hunter....

Bridge Of Spies (2015) UK release date, trailer and DVD details

Taking us back to the tension of the opening gambets of the Cold War, Bridge Of Spies saw Steven Spielberg directing a script by...

The Lobster DVD review

Unconventional love stories are always welcome in our life view and they don't come much more out there than Yargos Lanthimos' The Lobster, which...

Pan (2015) UK release date, trailer and DVD details

For all of the hook-handed pirate captains in Neverland 2015 was the year to start shaking in your thigh-high black boots because it saw...

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