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John Snow - Soho’s Sam Smith experience

John Snow review, Soho’s Sam Smith pub
Sam Smith pubs are hands down the best old style pubs in London and the John Snow is the brewery’s Soho landmark offering and it’s about as class as it gets. Apart from having a really cool old traditional building and old school decor, it’s also got a great range of its own crafted beers and ciders that set it apart from lots of other pubs in London.

The lager is crisp and cool with the option to go for the lighter Alpine or the stronger Taddy. The wheat beer is one of the tastiest in town and the ales are smooth. The ciders are pretty tasty too.

It gets pretty busy of a night time, so get there early if you don’t want to have to wait for a seat. Make sure you check upstairs though for seats too as it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that it’s just ground floor only. However, by far the best part of a pint at the John Snow is standing outside and drinking the night away with fellow drinking people that you may be aware of. Whether it’s a sunny summer evening or a cold winter night all bundled up, it’s great to stand outside drinking and people watching in Soho.

Sam Smith’s John Snow is perfection cubed, especially seeing as it’s easily one of the cheapest pints you’ll be able to buy in Central London. However, it’s also got a selection of some of the best pints you can get in Soho.

John Snow pub review: 5/5


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