About Tuppence Magazine

We’re an online news and reviews magazine for all things music, film, TV, books, computer games, stage, art, food and drink, politics and fashion. On our site you’ll be able to find my take and your take on what’s pure and good in the sh!ty world that we live in.

I can’t promise that everyone is going to agree with what is said here, variety is the spice of life apparently, but if you do find something that you disagree with or feel is missing then flash out your tyoe writer skills and send in your own review.

The aim is to talk about things that are great, so the majority of the news and reviews will be positive. However, there will also be occasions when things are so bad that a warning is needed and a low scoring review will be put up.

Anyway, that’s the initial plan, but Tuppence is a website for your opinions as much as it is for ours, so if you think things should change then tell us about it.


The Editor, Tuppence Magazine