Far Cry 6 bosses

Far Cry 6 bosses

There may well be a whole lot to find out about Far Cry 6, but we’re starting to get a better picture of how the bosses are shaping up. Details are still coming together, but it looks like there are going to be more of them this time around, compared to the four in Far Cry 5, which featured John, Jacob, Faith and Joseph Seed.

Instead of another tight cluster, the latest game in the series will feature a string of villains according to narrative director and lead writer for the game, Navid Khavari. The game’s protagonist, Antón Castillo, will have a cabinet of gits working for him with each of the regions of the massive map for Yara having their own deputy reporting into El Presidente.

As in the last game, there’s variation to the boss fights in Far Cry 6. Previously, there was the plane battle with John, the shoot-out with Jacob, and the mental bliss hallucination in the scrap with Faith, so it’s interesting to see what Castillo and his commanders throw at you. The fact that Yara has a cancer cure that you smoke called Viviro, along with a poised to keep it safe left a lot if scope for creativity, but there are no crazy bosses like the Faith fight or the Beast in Far Cry New Dawn.

List of named Far Cry 6 bosses that have been announced

Far Cry 6 released on the 7th October 2021, and we now know a lot about each of the five main bosses that will feature in the game. The initial list had been confirmed by Navid Khavari, and the rest has been filled in by the game itself, but the real question is how to beat them. We’ve added in more details, tips and tactics for each of now that the game is out.

Admiral Benitez

This is Antón Castillo’s deputy in the East of Yara, located in El Este, so you’ll need to progress the Legends of ’67 plot to assassinate her during the Harpoon mission. She runs the navy and the military in the eastern region of the map, so she’s clearly going to have an army at her beck and call, which is instrumental in terms of what you need to do to beat her.

Anyone that can muscle their way to an illustrious position in such a tough world is going to be pretty ruthless with a lot of strength. However, you don’t actually come face-to-face with Benitez in the fight until the very last monent. Instead, what you need to do is use the gunner to take out the waves of attackers until the other big gun comes online and then you can use it to blast through the barricade. She’s inside, so be ready to pull the trigger as soon as you see her.

You can see it for yourself in the video below.

Mr McKay

This dude is essentially Yara’s chief import and export commander, so his connections rival the Guerrilla paths that run through the island chain. He’s also going to have pretty good access to the best of Castillo’s weaponry, as with Benitez, you don’t actually have to fight Sean McKay.

As with Benitez, Sean McKay comes in El Este, so again it’s through the Legends of ’67 arc and La Morales. You’ll get to him in the mission The Deported, which will start off with you destroying Castillo’s gasoline reserves. This turns into an assault on La Joya Port with a tough shootout with forces and helicopters.

Once you take the port, you then need to find McKay, but he’s not inside the office trap he leaves. Instead, once Dani escapes, it turns out he’s doing a runner on a ship. Take out the cargo ship by shooting out it’s fuel canisters and then chase down the second ship for the boss battle run through the ship to McKay on the Bridge. Again, there are a lot of tough enemies to fight in close confines.

When you get to him, it’ll be up to you to decide whether or not he lives or dies.

Maria Marquessa

This is Anton’s right hand lady and the minister for culture in Yara. She’s located in Valle De Oro, so you’ll need to progress with Talia and Paolo to take her on. She’s referred to as Yaran royalty as the island’s queen of propaganda. She also does a nice line in censorship and TV melodramas, so it sounds like it’s going to be a mixed bag of crazy for her.

As with the previous two key characters, there isn’t a fight as such with Maria, but you will need to infiltrate her Viviro research facility to take her down. This then introduces Doctor Edgar Reyes and he turns out to be a bit more like a real boss.

Dr. Edgar Reyes

This is the genius behind the invention of the cancer wonder drug Viviro. However, he’s also a proper villain who will stop at nothing to complete his work. His atrocities are pretty bad, so you’ll be pleased to beat him dowm when you do.

It comes not too long after Maria Marquessa bites the bullet literally. You have to take down his poison supply and that will go on to trigger the Angel De La Muerte mission. Here, you’ll need to infiltrate Biovida facility and then escape the poison room Reyes tricks you into, before chasing him down.

Check out the video below to see how to make it through.

There will be a series of the boss character that you’ll need to shoot out, similar to the wolves during the Jacob fight back in Far Cry 5. However, eventually, you will come face to face with him the Doctor at the end of the corridor and his health bar is bigger than you might imagine, plus you’ll still be affected by the poison. Keep your head and back pedal if you need to and that should give you enough time and space to defeat him.

General Jose Castillo

El Presidente’s nephew, Jose is a slave driver for the most part as he takes care of his uncle’s tobacco plantations in the Madrugada region. To take him down, you need to work with the Montero family and make it through the main campaigns that they have to offer.

This will all come to a head with the Sundown mission, leading on to the hunt for Jose. After a few reconnaissance missions and the construction of Philly’s napalm engine, you’ll then flush him out with a scorched earth approach to his tobacco plantations.

This then culminates in the Justicia Montero mission, which ends with a boss fight against the little general, who suddenly appears in a helicopter while Dani is seemingly trapped inside the control tower. The simple trick to not getting shot down to pieces is to walk outside and rain down the explosive Supremo Backpack on him, which should defeat him in one fell swoop, which you can see below.

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Other bosses in the game

Now that Far Cry 6 is out, we’ve filled in the details on rest of the bosses that feature in the game. it still wasn’t massive like Kena: Bridge of Spirits, but it is a little bigger than before. There are more regional commanders to take on, although these are mostly simple kills, and then there’s also the question of the final boss fight, which should be a tussle with Antón.

The big question, though, is what direction the whole Diego thing is going to take. El Presidente is trying to train his son to be the heir to the thrown of his dictatorship, but Diego seems like he might be resistant. We already know that Dani has a chance meeting with the young prince, so there’s clearly going to be some kind of reckoning in terms of where his allegiances lie.

If they end up falling closer to the family tree then Diego could well end up being a boss fight too, but that would be a little strange with him being just an early teen. However, if you right that off then it’s possible that he might go on to help Dani towards the end of FC6. If we had our way, we’d make it a father son duo of a final boss fight to begin with, like an inverted God of War setup, but with an emotional change of direction part way through the fight.


We’re counting this as a boss fight, because of the longer health bar, close confines and tricky nature of the Oluso spirit. You take this one on when you return all of the relics to the cave on Isla Santuaria and there will be a number of smaller dark jaguar spirits and Oluso herself to fight. The best tip is to jump up on the ledge and shoot down to begin with. Take out the smaller ones as you’re chipping away at the main one and focus on any that jump up to the platform. Use a rapid fire rifle to deal good damage and control the crowd and don’t forget to heal if things get dire.

Other bosses on our wish list included some form of Luchador scrap, a huge vehicle to take on and the island’s champion weightlifter with The Mountain stature and some of the toughest armour in gaming history. It didn’t feel like too much to ask for, but sadly it hasn’t come to pass as of yet. Pipe dreams aside, it looks like there are a lot of mega-size wild animals to hunt, but these aren’t really boss fights as such either, because it’s just a case of shoot, run and jump.

You can check out how to take a photo in Far Cry 6 to get some tips on the photo mode or check out the Far Cry website for more details at https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/home.

Far Cry 6 DLC

There will be three DLCs for the game and each one will focus on a different Far Cry villain from previous titles. There’s Vaas from FC3, Pagan Min from FC4 and Joseph Seed from FC5 and they will come with their own open world to explore, designed to be a physical representation of their mind.

With that setup it’s possible for any number of different bosses to be involved with free license for Ubisoft to get creative. Maybe, they’ll end up fighting themselves at the end of each.