Brent Spiner talks JJ Abrams’ Star Trek 2 (2013)

By Bronwen Winter Phoenix

Brent SpinerStar Trek’s Brent Spiner has spoken out about filmmaker JJ Abrams, and how he’d like to see his character Data played by Michael Fassbender in future films.

Yesterday the star said he was not bitter about missing out on the role of Enterprise Captain Data, as featured in the graphic novel Countdown (bridging the gap between Nemesis and the latest Star Trek). Spiner joked: “I feel okay about it. I don’t feel robbed, though I am missing a very nice pair of cufflinks.”

Spiner’s comments came after Benedict Cumberbatch was recently revealed as the latest Star Trek villain in JJ Abrams’s upcoming sequel. Nimoy also revealed recently that he was in “talks” with the filmmakers about the possibility of making a return as “Old Spock” in the new movie.

In the graphic novel Countdown (set eight years after the movie Nemesis), Spock is aided by Captain Data and Admiral Picard, to go back in time after Romulan villain Nero.

But will we ever see these events on the big screen? What about Captain Data? Spiner said: “Yes, I would like to see Captain Data in future films. Particularly if he is played by Michael Fassbender.”

But is he looking forward to the latest film? Spiner was adamant: “Of course, I will be watching it. With all due respect to Martin Scorcese, I consider J.J. Abrams to be the finest filmmaker since D.W. Griffith (I wonder if he can feel the smoke I just blew?)”

Well, he may have to wait a while, as the new (as yet untitled) Star Trek 2 film is due to be released in May 2013.

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