Domino Records get into radio

Domino RadioWhen it was first announced it had been a while since a new radio station has come along and really shaken things up on the airwaves, but the prospect of Domino Radio looked like it could be an exciting new development. Bringing the wonderful world of Domino Records to a radio channel near you, the launch will paved the way for the addition of a lot more decent music on the radio.

The big issue at the time was the fact that it is a record company first and foremost, so it needed to establish itself as an impartial force for musical good fairly quickly to make sure it didn’t get slated as a new route to market for the label’s own releases. However, with the likes of Animal Collective (Fall Be Kind), Bobby Gillespie and Hot Chip (One Life Stand) all featured in shows you’d be hard pressed to think it went on to be a fruit and veg stall.


Broadcasting started on the 6th June 2011, going live in London on 87.7 FM and online at The only downer was that it only aired live for just 1 week. However, the good news is that you can still listen to the archives from the week through the link above giving you a chance to listen to what went on to be a true dedication to some of the great proponents of uninhibited music radio.

One of the best things about Domino Radio was the opportunity they created to allow anyone to put together an hour long show. All budding DJs needed to do was write up your own play list of music coming to a grand total of 60 minutes and send it to Domino Radio. More details are on their website, but the idea was that the best play lists got a slot on the frequency.

Sadly, a week didn’t turn into two, and two into a month and a month into a new permanent stand-along radio broadcasting channel. Hopefully it won’t be too long in coming for another week or so of radio gold from the record company.