Erotically Ever After, by Rachel Kenley, paperback release date

Rachel Kenley, Erotically Ever After paperbackErotically Ever After, Edited by Rachel Kenley, sounds like it’s going to be hilarious. Like the Kama Sutra of the fairy tale world it brings a big hint of kink to the stories that we’ve all grown up with. Sadly though, if you were looking for this to spice up your Christmas fireside glory, you’re out of luck, because the paperback release date for Erotically Every After isn’t until the 14th March 2013.

The contribution list is significant, including Jo Atkinson, Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Ashlyn Chase, Holly East, Suzanne Elizabeth, Chase Jeffries, Rachel Kenley, Victoria Lake, Devin Salerno, Kate Wade, Kristabel Reed, Carolyn Heaven, Kristina Marque, Soleil d’Argent, Amber Kallyn, S.D. Grady, Michaela March and Elle Amour. Following Black Lace Books’ mantra – written by women, for women – Erotically Ever After is aimed at the fairer side of the fence, but we reckon it looks like it could be a pretty witty read for all the family (as long as they’re over 18!).


In case you haven’t put two and two together yet, the book is a collection of re-imagined popular myths, nursery rhymes and fairy tales that have been twisted and rewritten from a ruder than rude stand point. The synopsis is funny enough all by itself, with talk of the Little Mermaid getting hotta under da water, Alice in a whole new kind of wonder land as a grown woman and fortunately for the probable nature of the new story it turns out that Hansel and Gretel aren’t related after all, so who know what they’ll be putting in the roaster.

There’s also talk of a vibrating pea for the princess to be tested on, which is easily the funniest of them all. How they’re going to make it a legitimately passionate green veg encounter is anyone’s guess, but whatever happens, it’s going to be genius.

If the likes of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies can reinvent the period dramas of the past with a hint of horror then Erotically Ever After can do the same for the fairy tales and myths of yore with an secsy flourish. The paperback release early next year is arguably the biggest news in the world of naughty fiction since Jilly Cooper saw the potential in close fitting white riding jodhpurs.