Gran Turismo 5 release date & video trailer Playstation 3

Hours, that’s how long. Hours of my life I dedicated to Gran Turismo 3 back in Uni, and I reckon I’ll probably do the same again if I ever get my blister encrusted fingers on Gran Turismo 5. Set for release in March 2010 in Japan, a late spring/early summer release is likely for the UK on the Playstation 3. With all of the intensity of its predecessors, but no doubt with even more detail and sprawling gameplay, GT5 is destined to be the new king of the racing title throne.

Perhaps the biggest and most denting news in terms of my time life is that the game will feature an online mode that will allow 16 people to play at once, meaning that it will inevitable have a never ending shelf life.

Other major news is that the World Rally Championships, NASCAR, Super GT and Indy Racing League will all be playing modes.

Night racing, advanced weather effects, mechanical damage and smashes will all be a part of the Gran Turismo 5 fuzzy tingle times, so realism will be off the charts.

If you’re not excited, get excited. If you’re not afraid, be afraid. If you’ve got a girlfriend, you probably won’t after you buy GT5. If you had a life, say goodbye to it now, because by the summer all you will know is Polyphony Digital and Gran Turismo 5.