Microsoft Xbox 360 console – Arcade vs Elite

The Microsoft Xbox 360 comes in a number of different options, so here’s a quick breakdown of what’s the difference between the Arcade and the Elite, along with a Harry Hill style”FIGHT!” at the end.

Firstly, the Xbox 360 Arcade weighs in at a cool £159.99, whereas the Elite starts at £199.99 in its 120GB form, so the the question is what do you get for the extra forty Euros?

Essentially, the Arcade is all about playing the games, so it only comes with a bare basic 256MB of memory and a single wireless controller. The headset is sold separately.

The Elite – rubbish name, it makes it sound like the console choice of the landed gentry – is all about connecting to th’online, so it comes with 120GB of memory for downloading HD movies, TV shows, games and other entertainment type ting n ting. It also comes with a headset, ostensibly so that you can chat with ya chums, but we all know it’s all about badmouthing players on Call of Duty. The only other difference between the two is that the Gentry Only is black and the Slot Machines is white, but in the works of Mick Jackson, “think about your bady, it don’t matter if you’re…”

Anyway, now for the fight. The Arcade puts up an admirable defence, and while you can upgrade it with memory, the Elite smashes it to smithereens out of the box with sniper like efficiency. “In your face you douche”, or some other crappy American trash talk.

Winner – Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite – 4.5/5