Rhod Gilbert, BBC Radio Wales

Rhod Gilbert BBC Radio WalesRhod Gilbert has taken up residence on BBC Radio Wales recently with a weekly slot every Saturday from 11am to 1pm. Alongside mate and fellow stand-up, Chris Corcorran, Gilbert’s show is fairly tame, with the occasional humorous anecdote and random shouting rant.

The slot has also been made into a podcast available on iTunes, Rhod Gilbert’s Best Bits, but the reality is that the duo work better as an interlude to music as opposed to a stand alone comedy routine.

However, compared to a lot of what’s on the telly around midday on a Saturday, the show actually makes a pretty decent alternative. Although, a better option would be a) walking your diarrhea choked dog in a quasi-Nazi pooper-scooper community, b) a religious pilgrimage to Summer Isle off the Scottish coast in a policeman’s uniform and c) a naked paintball competition against former SAS marksmen with sadistic tendencies.

In all fairness, that’s a bit harsh. Rhod Gilbert’s show on BBC Radio Wales isn’t half bad. It’s definitely funny, in a small chuckle sort of way, and there’s the potential for it to get out of hand if Gilbert and Corcorran ever find their radio nuts and pull out their darker material.

Rhod Gilbert, BBC Radio Wales review: 3/5