Stranger Things Season 4 who plays Chrissy Cunningham

If you’ve just watched the first episode of Stranger Things Season 4 then you might be wondering who Chrissy Cunningham is. She’s the first victim we’ve seen in the latest series of the show to be killed by the foul new monster, Vecna.

She first appears in the opening episode, The Hellfire Club, during the pep rally for the basketball team. She’s one of the cheerleaders for the Hawkins Tigers and also the girlfriend for the captain of the team, Jason, who then goes on to say he loves her during his speech.

It seems like a pretty innocuous bit part role to begin with, setting up the basketball situation for Lucas, but it turns out to be way bigger. The next time we see her is in the toilets in school as Max asks he if she’s OK when puking with her head in the bowl.

This turns into a freaky scene where she being harassed by some kind of monster outside the cubicle door. Things get even creepier when she goes to meet Eddie in the woods, but while she’s there alone before he turns up, she sees a weird grandfather clock, which spooks her until he finally arrives. She then goes on to say that she wants something stronger than weed in a bit to make her troubles float away.

The next time we see her, she’s with Eddie late at night after the championship basketball game heading into his trailer. While he’s off finding his stash, she hears the the clock again and goes into a trance where she’s in her family house.

She sees her mum, but she’s been taken over by the power of Vecna, so she runs only to find her dad doing a Neo-style face stitch thing. When she runs again, she find that she’s trapped inside the house with boarded up doors and windows.

Vecna then makes his full appearance and stalks in towards Chrissy saying her name over and over again. When he gets face to face with her, he tells her its time for her suffering to be over, places his hand on her head and seemingly kills her.

Back in the trailer, Eddie has found the stash, but sees that Chrissy is in a trance and tries to wake her up. She’s unresponsive and the lights start to go Upside Down freaky before she starts to levitate and the full death power of the monster leaves her dead and disfigured on the ceiling.

Who plays Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things Season 4

The cast for Stranger Things Season 4 includes a lot of relative newcomers and that’s the case for Chrissy Cunningham. She’s played by Grace Van Dien and her other recent roles were in Bill Burr’s Immoral Compass on Roku and The Binge on Hulu.

You can see more from the actor with her Twitter page at While it might appear from the end of the first episode that we’ve seen the last of Chrissy in the show, we’ve got an inkling that there’s more to things than meet the eye.

For a start, there’s the whole Vecna’s Curse thing, which is bound to bring back his victims in some way. If that isn’t enough, there’s also a post on the Stranger Things Twitter page that refers to Chrissy as having a dark secret, so the remaining episodes in Volume 1.

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