The first SPECTRE teaser trailer arrives

SPECTRE teaser trailerWith the slow drip of movie details and imagery in the build up to the upcoming release of the 24th cinematic outing for James Bond, it’s pretty surprising to see a teaser trailer for SPECTRE quite so early, but here it is and it only adds to the anticipation that’s starting to build. It may only be a minute and a half long, but it has more than a few hints about what to expect from the movie, while also ratcheting up the intrigue even further.

Firstly, it opens out with a shot of the blown out MI6 buildings overlooking the Thames, highlighting the fact that the film is a direct continuation from the events that took place in Skyfall. This is confirmed in the next sequence, which shows Moneypenny handing James recently released classified personal effects from his Scottish home and talking about a secret he has.


It acts as a pretty big indicator that the movie will once again dip into the character’s past, drawing more info about the man behind the number and contributing to the sensation that this is the closest we’ve ever gotten to the back story of James Bond. If we’re honest, we’re not massively keen on this aspect of the latest incarnation of the MI6 agent, especially the Home Alone symmetry that there was with Skyfall, but the trailer below makes SPECTRE look like it might work well as a part of the storyline.

The closeup of the picture and the documents that follow the announcement of a secret from 007’s past show that James was placed under temporary guardianship of one A. Oberhauser after the death of his fathers and that it is a slightly older boy, who’s face is obscured by a burn mark, that holds the key to the secret. If we had to make a very educated guess, we’d have to say that the kid James grew up with is Franz Oberhauser, the villain of the upcoming movie, who will be played by Christoph Waltz, and that central to it all is the nefarious underworld criminal agency that is SPECTRE.

Next up we see Bond skimming across a lake in the snow topped mountains of Austria as he tracks down a man with piercingly dark eyes connected to the organisation he’s hunting, presenting him with a ring containing the mark of SPECTRE. We’re pretty sure he’s Mr White, played by Jesper Christensen, and he drops one epic line, “you’re a kite dancing in a hurricane Mr Bond”, indicating that there’s a whole lot more trouble heading his way before the film comes to a close. It’s a pretty dark sequence that continues the new movie series’ darker tones.

Finally, the pièce de résistance for the teaser trailer is the shadowy half introduction to Oberhauser himself as he greets James at the head of a dangerous gathering. It’s a spine tingling prelude to the movie’s release later in 2015 and only makes us crave more, in particular in terms of what Waltz will actually look like in the film.

Daniel Craig features a lot in the trailer and looks as sharpened ice pick deadly as ever, but there’s clearly a big challenge ahead of 007 as he unravels the ball of yarn leading him deep into the heart of the dangerous criminal agency. There’s only a fleeting glimpse of new Bond girl Monica Bellucci in the short video, but we’re expecting to see much more of her, Léa Seydoux and Stephanie Sigman in the full trailer when it arrives, hopefully in the not too distant future.


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