The Greedy Cow, Mile End

The Greedy Cow, Mile EndSimple perfection!

Unassuming from the outside, but class on the inside is the best way to describe The Greedy Cow, Mile End. I’ve been living in the Tower Hamlets for just over a year now and I’ve been meaning to try this place since I arrived. However, the nice but modest exterior hides it’s brilliance, so I’ve never made it in until last weekend.

Everything looks and sounds pretty good, but when you scratch the surface you find out that it’s actually great. The waiter took seconds to find us a window seat, despite the fact that the place was far from empty. The atmosphere was lively, but not loud enough to disturb your own blather and the food and wine recommendations from the waiter were spot on.

The wine was a really nice Malbec that went perfectly with the massively tasty Kobe beef burger (the cows are reared on organic grains, beer and sake) and the bison fillet steak with vegetable tagliatelle that we had. On top of that, they nailed the fruit pavlova with homemade meringue and what looked like hand-picked berries.

To top it all, they even managed to crack a really good mojito. Consequently, the Greedy Cow has just been escalated to Tuppence’s favourite restaurant in Mile End. Granted, there’s not much competition, but that doesn’t take anything away from how good it is. Even when we move out of Mile End we’ll still head back here for understated brilliance.

The Greedy Cow, Mile End review: 4.7/5