The Inbetweeners Movie DVD

The Inbetweeners DVDThe Inbetweeners DVD gets a release date for Christmas 2011. Having bridged the gap from TV to the big screen pretty well Simon, Jay, Neil and Will’s holiday to Malia on Crete hits DVD at the best time possible.

As winter blues kicks in with dark nights and cold mornings, a stupid, sun filled DVD like The Inbetweeners Movie could be just the thing to take the edge off. Perhaps the best thing to say about the film, apart from it being genuinely hilarious, is that it’s the type of DVD that you would probably watch more than once, which is sometimes a bit of a rarity.

The movie follows the boys on a booze filled trip to Malia following Simon’s teary break-up with Carly. However, inevitably, disasters strike at every turn, especially the appearance of Carly on the same holiday as them. However, luckily, the guys are saved by the appearance of a new group of girls for them to mess things up in front of.

The Inbetweeners Movie was never meant to break any records, or win any awards, but in terms of a good DVD to have on the shelf whenever you need it, it’s probably a winner. The Inbetweeners Movie DVD release date is 12th December 2011, so if you still haven’t decided what you’re going to buy your younger brother, look no further.

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