The March Performance Group, An Evening of Meat

The March Performance Group, An Evening of MeatThe March Performance Group has reinvented dinner with An Evening of Meat. Held at the Old Cholmoly Boys Club in Dalston, the night combined a continuous stream of dance consciousness, psychedelic music and brilliant cuisine.

The March Performance Group consists of Director Kate March, and dancers Natalie Holasz, Laura Cherry, Lizzy Charles, Emilie Cobie, Marina Pogiatzi, Mary Sherwin and Nefeli Tsiouti, with fashion design from Hafner Duval. In An Evening of Meat they have put together a stunning concept piece that keeps you firmly on a hook for the entire night.

The performance started out with slow intensity as everyone arrived to find the dancers crouched and huddled on the floor, over antique chairs and on the massive main dining table. As the music sifted over the room, the dancers flowed into a gasping life which grew in ferocity as the night moved on and the music grew to a roar.

Treacle, The March Performance Group

The food was delicious, and fitted in perfectly with the sometimes wild, sometimes frightening, sometimes beautiful movements of the dance. The setting of the Old Cholmoly Boys Club was stunningly decorated as a surreal take on opulence with a chandelier coated in baubles of bloody hearts.

The power of the performance was incredible, but the evenings are few and far between, so keep an eye on their website for further details about future nights –

The March Performance Group, An Evening of Meat review: 5/5