The Moon and Sixpence, Bath, bar review

The Moon and SixpenceThis is where I should have eaten, in hindsight, but unfortunately I was lured by the early bird menu at Loch Fyne and so missed out on trying the food at The Moon and Sixpence, Bath. However, fortunately I managed to get back to it later in the night for drinks, and it made me regret ever thinking about going for a chain restaurant.

The main thing that put me off was the fact that at 6:30-7pm the pace is fairly quiet at The Moon and it didn’t look like it was about to get any livelier, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. When we got there after the woeful early bird menu, it was busy, filled with atmosphere and seemingly holding a table just for me.

It’s build into a refurbished enclave on the north side of the city centre, and while there are elements of a the modern about The Moon and Sixpence, it also has a solid hold onto the past too. Stone walls overshadow comfy seats and a large wrought iron moon to give the place a real feeling of individuality.

The cocktails are pretty good too (the best Mojito still goes to Milgis though), although I wish I’d tried the food too. If you’re heading to Bath you’d be daft not to have at least one drink in the Moon & Sixpence, but you might want to try the menu there too.

Moon & Sixpence review: 4/5