Topman Aztec, tribal and retro prints for spring summer 2012

Men’s fashion can sometimes be a bleak affair and with the June-long rain out it would be hard to blame it, but Topman’s spring summer collection looks like it’s planning for the sun come rain or shine. With a near 100% winning range of Aztec and retro print shirts, t-shirts and jumpers, it’s got the next couple of months covered, whether you’re out at the pool or sheltering from a meatball sized June hail storm.

Topman Aztec and tribal prints

The retro print shirts include a very cool swallow print, that looks best in dark blue, as well as a colourful yellow flags on blue, both of which could be tucked in for a kiss my face day in work. The only downside is that they’re classic fit, so they can be a bit slouchy in medium and large. See Topman’s full range of retro print shirts at


Topman retro prints

The Aztec prints range from subtler t-shirts and hoods to more full on tribal styles. At it’s extreme, there’s a lot of garish colour, especially the socks and pants, but tone it down a step and the patterns make for a smart addition to stave off the gloom of the cloudy skies. See Topman’s full range of Aztec prints and pattern at

It’s a fine line to tread pulling off some of Topman’s new styles without looking too much like Olly Murs, but if you can steer clear of Lord Snooty haircuts and cheesy smiles you should be OK.