Vivienne Westwood Man AW 2013/14 review

Vivienne Westwood Man AW 2013/14Vivienne Westwood has always forged her own way in the fashion world and her man autumn/winter 2013 collection is just as uncompromisingly unique as ever. Though there are inevitably some styles on show that are more concept or statement than day to day fashion, there’s enough in terms of stand-out items that you will want to buy and wear for years to come in and amongst the mix.

Featuring at the Milan Fashion Show earlier this year, Vivienne Westwood’s Man is a continuation of her bid to ignite more of a climate change revolution. In the interview below she discusses the intent to create clothes that last that people will want to buy, keep and cherish for a long time. The fashion industry has an understandably large environmental footprint and it’s Vivienne’s aim to help reduce it.

Working with her former pupil, Andreas Kronthaler, the new VV collection is inspired by the ideal of commuters that opt to cycle and use public transport to reduce the environmental impact of driving every day – something too many people ignore without even thinking about the negative impact they might be having. There’s also a significant nod towards Vivienne’s face mobbing campaign, which rallies all to paint their face and band together to promote her revolution on climate change.

The catwalk show has a couple of detractions though, including a model spitting, and another model flicking the Vs at every pass down the catwalk. Despite the fact that it’s probably anger at the impact of industry on the environment that sits behind the actions, we’re not big fans of the concept of dudes acting hard to get attention. It seems to promote a violent spirit and we’d be more in favour of the Ghandi school of change.

The negatives aside the show looks impressive and does a lot to promote the ideals of environmental conservation in the fashion industry, which hopefully you’ll take on board yourself. Buy fewer, better quality, locally made clothes and make them last. Recycle as much as you can through charity shops and pick out a few gems for yourself while you’re there.

Our favourite items in the Vivienne Westwood AW 2013/14 collection include a very cool long dark-grey mac, some stylish suits and a boss black trench coat. We’re never going to get over baggy gusset pantaloon trousers, or flobbing, swearing models, but you can’t win them all.

Vivienne Westwood Man AW 2013/14 review: 3.9/5

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