Wacom Bamboo review

Wacom BambooThe Wacom Bamboo pen and graphics tablet is one of the best starter packages to inspire your creativity on your PC or Mac. As well as being able to personalise everything that you do on your computer, from signatures to hand drawn graphics, it can also be used to push the boundaries of creative design on a range of packages like Pixelmator and Photoshop.

Whether you run it on the free app Sketchpad Express, or you use the top of the range Photoshop design package, the Wacom Bamboo pen graphics tablet can be used to sketch in your creative ideas, fill them out with colour, shading and texture, as well build out layers to make developing your design easier.

It’s quick to load technology and intuitive handling makes the Wacom Bamboo really simple to get to grips with, so you won’t need to spend a long time trying to work out what you can do with it. It’s almost as simple as a normal persil, but obviously much more versatile.

The pen sits pretty snuggly in your hand and you soon start to adapt to the tablet pad space representing the entire computer screen. It’s definitely easier to get comfortable while using it if you’re sat at a desk, so that you can rest it on the surface and get in a good position.

The only negative is that you’ll need to change the nib of the pen as soon as you see it starting to wear down slightly after prolonged use. When this happens, you’re left with an angled tip, which can scratch the surface of the tablet pad, so it’s genuinely worth while keeping an eye on it.

Though the Wacom Bamboo is far from the top of the range models, it’s small, fun and more than enough to handle any design project that requires a personalised touch. It’s pretty reasonably priced too, making it a great addition to your computer design packages. It’s not as massive as some of the larger graphics pads, so it can be taken with you on the move and tucked away easily.

Wacom Bamboo pen graphics tablet review: 4.4/5


Dimensions: 17.6cm x 24.8cm x0.8com

Weight: 358g

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