Apple iPhone & iPod Touch gaming review

Apple iPod Touch gamingPocket gaming with touch and tilt technology class!

When I hold my iPhone in my hand it’s hard to believe all of the things that it can do. Within it’s slimline contents is a world of genius technology, and gaming is fast becoming one of its best features.

On top of the fact that it’s the smallest handheld console on the market, it’s also the most innovative in terms of gaming experience. Touch and tilt technology means that it has created a massive range of possibilities for new types of hand held gaming, whether that means pulling back the catapult with a flick of your finger in Angry Birds or simply turning and tilting the iPhone or iPod Touch to drive through racing games like Doodle Kart Racing.

However, the best part of it all is that the games will cost you a fraction of the cost of games for the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP. The format doesn’t skimp on graphics either with some slick looking 3D games as well as the 2D mean, addictive games.

The last part of the genius puzzle is that Apple’s new operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch will allow for online gaming, so it is primed to smash all comers on all levels. The reality is that Nintendo and Sony need to go back to the drawing board, because it looks like they’re being left behind by a phone and an MP3 player.

The only real down side is the use of the touch screen joystick control that can stick, glitch up or just not work very well.

Apple iPhone & iPod Touch gaming review: 4.5/5