The Cicret Bracelet iPhone projector wristband

Cicret Bracelet iPhone wristband projector UKOk, so unless you saw the Total Recall remake you’ve probably never even contemplated the possibilities of an iPhone projector wristband, but trust us, once you’ve seen the Cicret Bracelet in operation you’ll probably have a new appreciation for the concept. If you’re as narked as us at the faff of constantly reaching into your pocket for your iPhone then the idea of having the touch screen capabilities of it projected onto your wrist from a cool wristband might be the technological breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for.

UK release date

Sadly, the Cicret Bracelet is only just at prototype phase, so a general release in the UK is a little way off right now, but if all goes to plan it’ll be moving to production of working samples and international pre-sale in the next few months or so. The tech startup is just in the process of donation crowdfunding at the moment to kick start mass production and if everything goes to plan we could see the first iPhone projector wristband orders being shipped by the end of 2016.


What does the Cicret Bracelet do?

Essentially, they’re very well designed wristbands with a whole lot of technological know-how crammed inside them. Admittedly, the strap line “do whatever you want on your arm” is a bit tongue in cheek, but it does sort of sum up the general gist of the device as it lets you use your smartphone from the comfort of your forearm.

It projects the screen of your iPhone, or Android smartphone, onto either the top or underside of your wrist (depending on how you wear it), allowing you to see everything on it on your skin. However, it goes a step further by making the projection touch control, which means you can fundamentally use your iPhone without taking it out of your pocked by tapping, flicking and pinching (be gentle) your skin instead.

With this you can read emails, texts and WhatsApp; go online; check Twitter and Facebook, use Google Maps or find out what the weather is going to be like without having to fish for your phone. Check out the concept trailer video below to get more of an idea about what to expect.

One of its most impressive features is that it’s waterproof, so you’ll be able to operate your iPhone from the suds of a bubble bath, or a pool, while your phone stays nice and dry, safely away from the water. It also shake on and off, so it’s going to speed up the open process for smartphones, saving you precious seconds.

If it also functions with Pokémon Go then it could by the perfect gaming support device too for rainy day outdoor hunts. It’ll come in ten colours too, so you can colour coordinate with your Pokémon team to take things to the next degree of addiction.


First impressions

The Cicret Bracelet is very impressive on paper and on film, but the big question is whether it will live up the expectation it’s created. It’s got a lot of cool, novelty value wrapped inside some impressive design skills, so it’s got a lot going for it, so it’ll all come down to how it performs when the release date comes around.

One of its biggest considerations will be the Apple Watch 2, which has also been rumoured to include similar tech, so this could turn into some serious competition should it prove to be true. However, there’s still no word on when the Apple Watch 2 will be surfacing, so even if the rumours are true, the Cicret Bracelet may well be able to hit the ground running with enough time to steel a march on the king of fancy tech.

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