Black Converse All Stars

Black Converse All Stars

“The Converse All Stars from the dark side of the tracks and why they’re the greatest trainer of all time.”

Black Converse All Stars have been around since 1917, when Converse set out to dominate the Basketball shoe market. That makes them close to a century old and throughout that century we reckon they’ve become the greatest trainer of all time.

The first mass produced basketball shoe in the US, Converse All Stars only became popular thanks to their affiliation with Chuck Taylor, who’s name still resides on the brand patch that he originally suggested when he started as Converse’s lead salesman.


While white high tops were all the rage back in the days of Chuck’s Converse, it is the black and white trim high tops that have captured the most iconic imagery of the last decade. They were the trainer of choice for The Ramones, with their brilliant punk rock sounds, who were followed closely by Nirvana in the 90s and their grunge invasion. They have also featured significantly in films like I Robot, and they look ace in pretty much any situation.

Wear them with jeans of any colour, shorts or even a suit if you want. Whether you’re a girl or an Eddie Izzard loving guy, they look ace with a skirt of any length and the same for dresses, even the wedding variety. However, if you really want to look ossam in black converse, all you need pull together is a slightly ripped pair of faded, skinny legged blue jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a leather jacket of ancient brilliance.

Whatever the deal, Chuck, Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy, Marky, Richie, Elvis, C.J., Kurt, Krist and Dave would be proud. If the names don’t say it all just look at the picture above to be reminded why black Converse All Stars are so iconic.

The brand may well be better known for their trainers, but there’s some pretty cool Converse bags to choose from too, including their League Play canvas duffle bag. The Converse clothing range is a bit of a sleeping beast also. It’s not very widely known or stocked, but it all looks very impressive with great basics to add to your wardrobe.