Converse bag

Converse duffle bag
Converse league play duffel bag

In terms of men’s fashion tips, it doesn’t get much better than this Converse bag. It’s a canvas duffel bag with the classic Converse logo in the centre, available in grape leaf green with white handles and silver birch with bright red handles.

It compliments the black Converse All Stars pretty well too, making it one of the best casual holdalls we’ve seen in a long while.


It’s roomy enough to work well as an overnight or weekend bag, but it’s also a good shout for kit bag of the year. Whether you’re playing football, rugby, or just going for a swim, the Converse League Play canvas duffel bag will fit everything that you need in it and make sure you don’t look like you’ve been getting your style guides from the likes of Wayne Rooney.

The Converse bag has got shoulder and hand straps to make it a bit more versatile for carrying around, as well as having some decent pockets to keep your valuables tucked away in while you’re busy trying to pull off a Bergkamp flick.

It’s not the smartest holdall out there, but it is very cool nonetheless, however, it’s sadly not around any more as Converse have stopped making the iconic league play duffel bag. If you’re looking for other alternatives check out our cool holdalls for some inspiration. If anyone’s got one, leave a comment below as we’re convinced that these will be collector fashion in a few years to come.

The good news though is that there are plenty of other Converse bags out there to choose from too, which we’ll add here in the coming months.