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UK politics analysis

UK politics analysis, covering some of the most significant political topics in the United Kingdom, analysing the consequences and the potential aftermath.

Sign the 2016 UK EU referendum petition to overturn the remain vote

How to overturn the 2016 UK EU referendum

With a petition to hold a second referendum standing at 3.5 million signatures at the time of writing, there's clearly a desire from a...
Youth vote 2016 UK EU referendum

Dark days for the youth of today in the 2016 UK EU referendum

Thanks to mum, dad and uncle Knobhead, the 2016 UK EU referendum has narrowly swung in the favour of the Leave campaign plunging the...

UK EU referendum 2016 – Better off together

The UK EU referendum is about to come to a head on the 23rd June 2016 and it has sparked off a series of...
Soft drinks like Irn Bru get hit by 2016 UK budget

Our no holds barred summary of the 2016 UK budget

Scarily, George Osbourne's budget tally is now up to a whopping eight with the announcement yesterday (16/03/16) of his 2016 budget. It's easy to...
Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader

What next for Jeremy Corbyn

Having won the labour leadership contest on Saturday the 12th September, Jeremy Corbyn has managed to go from being nowhere in contention to the...
2015 UK general election

What does the 2015 UK general election result mean for you?

The shock result that the Conservative Party has managed to land a majority win in the 2015 UK general election means that all of...
UK 2015 general election TV debate

UK election debate 2015 Twitter wars

Last night, 2nd April 2015, saw the leaders of the UK's seven main political parties go all out to convince the public that they...
George Osbourne UK budget 2015

A warts and all analysis of the 2015 budget

This week saw George Osbourne announce the coalition government's 2015 budget, building on his 2014 autumn statement, and as ever there's probably more to...
UK Autumn Statement 2014

UK budget Autumn Statement 2014 analysis

Chancellor of the exchequer, George Osbourne, delivered yet more updates for the UK budget with his 2014 Autumn Statement, but the question is what...
New pound coin announced by George Osbourne during his 2014 budget speech

Simple analysis of George Osbourne’s 2014 UK budget

You've probably seen a few news features on the budget on the TV or even scan-read an article or two to get a rough...
David Cameron in Sri Lanka

David Cameron’s Sri Lanka visit

We don't often credit politicians, let alone Prime Ministers, because nine times out of ten they're at best 50% wrong, but in David Cameron's...
Russell Brand politics

Are Russell Brand’s politics nearly right?

Russell Brand recently faced the steely eyeballs of Jeremy Paxman and his fluffy little beard, eschewing his own views on politics in his erudite...

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