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International politics news, looking at some of the stories that will shape the future of the world and the political campaigns that really matter to us.

Greek parliament

Greece bailout crisis talks 2015

It kind of felt a bit like déjà vu with the latest round of financial bailout talks between Greece and the rest of the...
Aung San Suu Kyi ahead of the election

Burma’s 2015 general election

Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD party has swept the boards of Burma's 2015 general election taking a landslide win and an absolute majority in...
Cuba & USA

How the United States plan to normalise relations with Cuba

When there's so much political doom and gloom around the world, it's important to celebrate the little steps forward for humanity when they actually...
Japan recession 2014

Japan slips back into recession as Cameron warns of global economic instability

It's been widely reported that despite significant economic action Japan has now slipped back into a state of recession, with the news coming at...
US Senate

US mid-term election results 2014

The 2014 US mid-term election results are in and the Republican Party has taken enough seats to wrestle control of the United States Senate...
Ebola Crisis

Have governments responded too slowly to the Ebola crisis?

In a speech yesterday (15th October 2014), the President of the USA, Barack Obama, made it abundantly clear, if it wasn't already, that the...
UN Climate Summit 2014

UN Climate Summit 2014 petitions and marches

The inexorable progression of climate change is becoming increasingly difficult to doubt, even for the likes of Jeremy Clarkeson and the heads of oil...
African elephants - Save the Elephants

How many elephants are killed each year by poachers?

A recent study by the Colorado State University has calculated that 33,600 African elephants are killed each year by poachers, which results in population...
Gaza bombing

What is Israel’s Operation Protective Edge?

For the majority of westerners, the Israel-Palestine conflict is a little confusing, distant, disturbing and depressing, especially the latest military campaign led by the...
David Cameron in Sri Lanka

David Cameron’s Sri Lanka visit

We don't often credit politicians, let alone Prime Ministers, because nine times out of ten they're at best 50% wrong, but in David Cameron's...
Overlooking Demascus and surrounding regions

OPCW Syrian chemical weapons destruction implications

There are a few things that we know for sure in relation to the chemical weapons situation in Syria. On the 21st August 2013,...
Syria UN aid

UN announces $4.4billion humanitarian aid appeal for Syria

It might not feel like it, but it's been more than two years since the sticky spring that is the Syrian Civil War first...

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