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International politics analysis, looking at some of the international developments that have the possibility to shape the future of the world and the political matters that really count to us.

Charlie Hebdo

The ever present futility of terrorist attacks

Terrorism has over the last fifteen years or so become a horrible daily reality. It haunts news coverage throughout the world and last week's...
Ebola Crisis

Have governments responded too slowly to the Ebola crisis?

In a speech yesterday (15th October 2014), the President of the USA, Barack Obama, made it abundantly clear, if it wasn't already, that the...
Gaza bombing

What is Israel’s Operation Protective Edge?

For the majority of westerners, the Israel-Palestine conflict is a little confusing, distant, disturbing and depressing, especially the latest military campaign led by the...
Ukraine crisis protest line

The Ukraine crisis summary and analysis

Things continue to move quickly and very alarmingly in the Ukraine. For anyone having difficulty in trying to keep up, or just maintaining some...
Brain image - G8 Dementia Summit 2013 declaration

G8 Dementia Summit 2013 Declaration

The G8 Dementia Summit 2013 Declaration was released yesterday (11th December 2013) as world health ministers met in London to add weight to the...
David Cameron in Sri Lanka

David Cameron’s Sri Lanka visit

We don't often credit politicians, let alone Prime Ministers, because nine times out of ten they're at best 50% wrong, but in David Cameron's...
North Korea Mein Kampf

North Korea, Mein Kampf, whatever!

It's been a popular story for the last week or so that Kim Jong-un has been giving out copies of Adolf Hitler's "classic" tyrannical...
Syria UN aid

UN announces $4.4billion humanitarian aid appeal for Syria

It might not feel like it, but it's been more than two years since the sticky spring that is the Syrian Civil War first...
Save the bees

Save the bees, save the world

Bee populations have a massive impact on crop fertilisation, as well as contributing to the founding processes in environmental food chains, so fluctuations can...
More snow drops

Russian adoption law analysis

You expect maturity from adults, especially from politicians, but a school yard mentality still persists in a lot of international politics. This is true...
Barack Obama

Barack Obama wins the 2012 US Presidential Election

The whole world now knows that Barack Obama has won the 2012 US Presidential elections, but with the decision being a close one (although...

How will the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare affect the presidential election

With the recent Supreme Court Ruling in the States backing Barack Obama's national health reform policies, it would appear that he should have a...

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