Converse clothing review

Converse clothing t-shirtConverse have been known for their great daps, sneakers, pumps, trainers or whatever you happen to call them since the release of the Converse All Stars in 1917, but under the mountains of options they have for their now huge footwear collection lies the sleeping giant that is the Converse clothing range.

Filled with great casuals that put the quality and finish of high street names to shame, without being too far away from them in terms of cost, the Converse clothing collections for both men and women should be the new go-to option to combine up with your favourite Converse All Stars.

However, there’s a slight down side to the brilliance of their clothing range. Namely, that the UK Converse website doesn’t stock the clothing range. They’re only available on the US site, which doesn’t appear to do much in the way of international shipping in the direction of the British shores.

The good news is that there are a few online stockists in the UK to hedge your bets with. Sadly none of them stock the entire range so you’ll probably find something on the main US site that you love that you won’t be able to get over here in the UK for love nor money. Search for the Converse clothing that is available to buy in the UK at either,, and, which has the largest range available. Although, Ebay is a good option to find new and used Converse clothes online that will be available in the UK.

Our take is that if you’ve found something on the US Converse website that you can’t live without and you can’t find it on any of the UK stockists’ websites then your only hope is that either you’re planning a trip to the States or know someone that lives there who can send them on to you. The real solution would be for the Converse UK site to expand to include their clothing range too, but that may take some time.

However you manage to get your hands on the goods, here are our picks from the range, but you can see it all for yourself in detail at basic t-shirts and hoodies are among the best you’ll be able to find, but added to that Converse also have some very cool printed t-shirts, jeans and shirts to choose from to:

Converse clothing basics
Converse clothing basics – Great t-shirts and hoodies
Converse clothing printed t-shirts
Some of the many cool Converse printed t-shirts
Converse denim
Converse denim

Converse clothing review: 5/5

If they were fully available in the UK, they would be a force to be reckoned with. There are also some pretty smart Converse bags available too.