Days Gone Bugged The Hell Out how to start the generator and fuel can location

Days Gone Bugged The Hell Out how to start the generator and fuel can location

Zombie/freaker action adventure Days Gone throws a lot of challenges at you, but the first major hurdle comes in the Bugged The Hell Out mission where you need to figure out how to start the generator. The simple answer is that you need to find a fuel can to gas it up with, but it’s a bit more complicated than that, so we’ve put together a tutorial to get you through this section and open up the first NERO facility you come across in the game.

Before you head off in search of a gas can, you should know that the NERO centre has got a couple of speakers on its roof, so if you fire it up they’ll be powered up along with the access doors. This will start the speakers off, drawing in all of the freakers around the facility, which will turn a simple mission into a tough fight with zombie-like scratchers that are just waiting for their next meal.


Fortunately, you can avoid this by heading up to the roof of the NERO facility to find each of the two speakers. Once you find one, you can walk up to it and press square to cut it loose. The location for the first of these is on the front right of the centre and you can find the second on the opposite side. If you’re having any difficulty in finding either of these, you can see them being disabled in the video below, along with seeing where to find the fuel can to start the generator after the 6-minute mark.

Fuel can location to start the generator

Once you’ve disabled the speakers on top of the NERO centre, you can head off to get the fuel can. From the front of the facility, head to the right back towards the road that leads down from the location. You’ll then find a couple of cars and leant against the second you’ll find the gas can. It may look empty and discarded, but it actually contains more than enough fuel to fill up the generator.

You can pick up the fuel can with square and pour it into the generator with circle. When it gets to 100% you’ll be able to start it up without worrying about the loud speakers. This will give you access to the building through the doors, so head on in to loot for the sterile bandages you need for Boozer.

When you get in there, make sure you also get the NERO injector, which will essentially give you a boost for either health, stamina or focus. This is how you get stronger in the game, giving you more of a chance to make it through the savagely brutal world of Days Gone without getting chewed up by freakers and wolves the whole time.