Debenhams ups the denim dial with mens jeans for 2014

While a lot of other brands are hitting up the preppy shorts and blazer look that seems all too easy to go to as spring and summer start to set in, Debenhams are doing things a little differently in 2014 with their latest model shots, cranking up the denim dial. With some of the best looking jeans of the year, they’re a good option if you’re looking for a stylish new pair of De Nîmes threads that will keep you well away from the all too preppy look.

In general, they’re opting for a slim fit approach to the jeans in their various ranges with the St. George by Duffer jeans below taking the top spot from the lot. It makes for a very cool set of straight lines and tees things up well to combine them up to make some impressive styles throughout the rest of the year out of a strong base.


Debenhams St. George by Duffer model shot

Though we’re not all that keen on the turn-up jeans look, these slim-fit dark jeans from St. George by Duffer have got a nice simplicity that’ll make them work with pretty much anything. The shot’s got them matched up with a pair of sued Jasper Conran boots and a St. George by Duffer padded parker, but they’d go just as well with a pair of black Converse All Stars and a simple t-shirt for the summer months. They’re retailing at £45 at the moment.

Debenhams Red Herring denim jeans model shot

The same versatility could be said of these jeans by Red Herring, with a similar price tag of £40 and £45. Each of the three that are in the two model shots above have got a very natural look to their fading, which has become a bit of a rarity on the high street in recent years as brands try to cut corners, so it’s good to see Debenhams putting in the effort to get the faded jeans look just right.

Debenhams Red Herring black denim jeans model shot

It’s hard to fault a pair of skinny black jeans in general, but it’s a fine balance in getting them just right, but this pair from Red Herring are a good distance from being too thigh constricting, while not getting close to the bootcut territory. They’re simple and work well smart as much as they do dressed down, so they’re another good option for a long-term wardrobe staple, especially at just £30.

Debenhams Mantaray denim jeans model shots

This final pair from Mantaray are much less faded, with a darker blue tone. While they don’t look like they hold their shape quite as well as the earlier options they still look good as a part of a variety of different looks. The can’t beat jeans, boots and a pea coat for classic style, but roll up the bottoms of these and get your favourite sunshine t-shirt out from storage and you’ll be ready for beach life once again.