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In terms of messenger flight bags, we don’t think you can get much better right now for style and value for money than Dunlop bags. They range from around £20 to £27.99 online, but as high as £35 in stores. They’re deceptively large without looking or feeling too clunky, and they’ve got a few tucked away pockets to keep your things where you need out of site.

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Black dunlop bagBlack Dunlop crack contrast bag

The black Dunlop bag with stone piping and strap and a crack contrast finish is easily the best option in terms of being a classic shoulder bag for style and colour. As it’s black it’ll go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe, from work wear to jeans and old track suits. It’s easily one of the smartest options to choose from and with an abundance of space it’s pretty functional too.

Black Dunlop crack contrast bag – £22.99

Black and lime headphone dunlop bagBlack and lime headphone Dunlop bag

The black and line headphone option is a big contrast in style and shape to the black bag above, so it’s a case of what works better for you. The black and lime is definitely the more casual of the two, but it’s not quite as versatile as the black. Wear it with blue or black jeans and either a t-shirt, shirt or jumper. Add in a little lime accessory to really mag this bag jump out.

Black and lime headphone Dunlop bag – £24.99

Burgundy dunlop bagBurgundy Dunlop bag

Burgundy isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite colour, but if you’re looking for a new bag that’s a bit different from all of the rest it could be a good option. With a similar design to the two above, it just stands out a little more with the shiny deep red of the material, counterbalanced against the white of the piping and strap.

Burgundy Dunlop bag – £24.99


Navy dunlop bagNavy Dunlop bag

With a style that’s identical to the burgundy and crack contrast options, the navy bag is another take on the classic original. While it looks smart, the fact that it’s navy means it doesn’t work quite so well with black, so if you’re planning to wear it to work you might want to combine it with greys and natural colours. While it’s sort of a similar story with casual clothes, it’s not quite so definitive, so you don’t need to be as constrained.

Navy Dunlop bag – £27.99

Black patent messenger Dunlop bagBlack patent messenger bag

This is about as space age as Dunlop bags get, but it’s also black, so it’s also very versatile and you’ll be able to dress it up or dress it down. From a style point of view it verges on being a bit future trend, but the combination of the contrasting black textures gives it a lot of cool, but still with the classic overall shape that Dunlop does so well.

Black patent messenger bag – £20.49

Blue and yellow dunlop bagBlue and yellow messenger bag

With the same style as the black patent messenger bag above, the blue and yellow variant is easily the most visually dynamic of all of the bags we’ve featured. It’s almost neon colour makes it stand out, and again the contrast of textures is pretty cool. It’s got a a very sporty style overall and while the colours do mean you’ll have to be a bit more selective with what you wear, it’s the bag to get if you’re looking for something a bit more unique.

Blue and yellow messenger bag – £27.95

A lot of people spend hundreds on satchel bags, but none of them look as cool as these. The only downside to Dunlop bags is that the outer material can fade after a couple of years or so. If they sorted that out, it would be the bag to end all bags.

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