Tron Legacy (2010) picks up where Jeff Bridges left off

Tron LegacyIf, like me, you have never seen Tron, it’ll probably be a little tough to get excited about Tron Legacy. However, there’s just enough time to see the original before the sequel is released on the 16th December 2010, to make sure I know what the deal is. However, if the trailer’s anything to go by there could possibly be a lot of potential in the sequel. Especially when you consider that the original came out in the mid eighties, which is when all the best films were made (Ghostbusters, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future, Karate Kid).

The plot follows Sam Flynn (played by Garrett Hedlund), who is troubled by the mysterious disappearance of his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who was once the world’s greatest computer games developer. As Sam finds out more and more about his father through a signal sent from an abandoned Flynn arcade, he is transported into the computer game that his father invented to find that his long lost dad has been trapped inside it ever since his disappearance.


With Daft Punk on the decks for the Tron Legacy soundtrack, the film looks set to be a fast paced sci-fi action adventure. Visually stunning, and bringing the old story back to life, Tron Legacy just needs to deliver the storyline to back up the effects and it’ll be the Christmas blockbuster it looks like.

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