Far Cry 6 how to get damaged meat

Far Cry 6 how to get damaged meat

If you’re looking to unlock predator bait in Far Cry 6 then you’re going to need to work out how to get 10 pieces of damaged meat, which sounds like it should be pretty easy when it was all you used to get from animals when you first started the game. The problem is that if you’ve already upgraded your Hunter Lodge to the Max then you’ll stop getting damaged meat when you use a gun, so it can feel impossible.

The bad news is that it’s the same with fire and blast damage and obviously if you hunt with a bow or try a knife or throwing axe you get the same result – standard, everyday, run of the mill in-damaged meat. There’s also no way to dial back your Hunter Lodge upgrade either, so it sort of feels like a glitch in the system by developers Ubisoft and you begin give up on the whole escapade.

The good news is that there is an easy answer, which you can see below, but hooking it all up can take a little effort if you haven’t started on any on the main steps below yet in you play through. There are quicker solutions to get what you need, but their just nowhere near as quick and effective at getting good volumes of damaged meat.

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Get damaged meat after fully upgrading the Hunter Lodge

The magic ingredient to getting the resource when you head out on an animals hunt is poison damage, but the simplest solution for this is very fiddly when it comes to landing an easy kill. You can easily hook throwable poison to any of the Supremo Backpack mods, but getting them to land in the right place to actually damage any of the animals you might go after is very, very miss and miss.

Instead, what you need is the poison damage Supremo Backpack, which you can buy from any of the dealers or from Juan’s station on Libertad island. To unlock this, you’ll just need 100 depleted uranium, so smash up a couple of anti-aircraft guns and loot the chests and you should be good to pick up the weapon, if you haven’t already unlocked it.

With the right tool for the job, you just need to head out on a hunt for some easy kill. Of all of the Far Cry 6 animals, the easiest to get with the poison Supremo is Hutia, so head out to their location, get a few in your sights and unleash the main move, which should take out at least a couple of them. When the purple haze clears you can then head on in to get your damaged meat prize.

Obviously, you’ll need a full Supremo charge to be able to use it, so without doing anything else, you’ll need to wait it out for the next charge. However, there is a very nice solution to speed this up, so that you can keep it ticking over until you get all ten of the damaged meat you need to unlock the predator bait, which you can use to lure crocs and jaguars out of hiding.

If you upgrade you Guerrilla Hideout network at the camp all the way to level 3 then you’ll instantly get a fully charged Supremo every time you visit one of the safe houses. What this means is that you can unload the Supremo to get your first batch of damaged meat, fast travel to a hideout to get it instantly refilled and then airdrop and wingsuit back down to the hunting spot.

After a couple of runs you should have enough damaged meat to unlock the predator bait and you can put this whole sorry affair behind you and get back to smashing up Anton and his cronies. If you need any more general pointers for the game, you can check out our run through of the top Far Cry 6 hints and tips to make it through the game unscathed.

How to use predator bait?

Once you have the 10 pieces of damaged meat, you can then go to one of the Far Cry 6 workbenches and add it as a mod to any of the Supremo Backpacks. Once it’s in as one of your throwables, you can then access it with the weapon wheel to choose the predator bait with the up, down, left and right buttons.

Once you’ve got it set up in your throwable slot, you can then head out to one of the predator hunting spots, get yourself in a good position and throw down some of the bait. It doesn’t always work straight away, so you might want to experiment with the location you drop it in and move around the hunting spot to maximise your potential of running into an animal.

If you’re not too sure where to find any of the predators, you can find out where they all are with our list of animal locations for FC6. If you use up all of the bait, you can just fast travel back to a hideout and your ammo and throwables will all restock if you’ve unlocked the upgrade and then you can wingsuit airdrop back out to the predator location to start again.

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