Far Cry 6 tips and hints

Far Cry 6 tips and hints

Having played through the entirety of Far Cry 6, here’s a run through of our top tips to help you through some of the trickier situations you’ll face in the game. To begin with, you’ll feel like you can just breeze through anything, but there are definitely some sections that will challenge you in terms of the waves of enemies that come firing at you.

There are also a few puzzle moments that might throw you, especially if you go off piste and start to take on the side missions, so our tips will cover all aspects of the game. With the details below, you’ll have everything that you need to beat the game and move on to the post game setup, which we’re hoping Ubisoft will add to and improve over time.

You definitely don’t need to complete all of the side missions to complete Far Cry 6, so you can pick and choose from them. It’s the same for the checkpoints, supply drops and interceptions, but no matter how you take it all on, the tips below should point you in the right direction. They’re listed in order of importance, with the first being the best tip in each category, so you can easily see which are the most important.

Tips to complete the game with the least headaches

  • Unlock Oluso as quickly as possible. She’s way overpowered and will give you the stealth advantage to bust through Anton’s forces with ease. If you’re not sure what to do, you can check out our FC6 animals guide to find out how to unlock her.
  • During the process of unlocking Oluso, you’ll also pick up seriously powerful gear that combine to obliterate enemies entirely. The first of these is the Triador stealth supremo backpack, which marks enemies around you instantly. However, this only becomes OP when you combine it with the La Varita resolver weapon, which combines with triada mode to shoot through walls, so you can blitz through the opposition in a matter of seconds.
  • Headshots are the key! Take your time to line them up and instead of wasting bullets on chest armor, you’ll one-shot most enemies with an assault rifle. A silencer suppressor is a must to help with this, but you can check out the upgrade hints section below for more details on the setup for the assault rifle, which is a strong primary weapon of choice throughout the game.
  • This is going to sound like a very obvious tip in light of the other tips above, but make sure to scope out any location with your binoculars when you arrive. It’s easy to forget to do this, but it will help you fly through. You can then use Oluso to pick off the outlying enemies first before moving in to the more challenging gits.
  • If you’ve got a few enemies close together and you want to separate them, you can throw a baseball, which is linked to your supremo pack from your weapon wheel.
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  • Don’t forget to switch weapons on the fly. You can do this from the Arsenal tab and it comes in handy if you run out of ammo, or you need a different type of supremo backpack, or your weapon choice isn’t working for you or you find yourself in the poison and you need to boost your defense.
  • If you get ambushed by a helicopter, or a tank arrives or any other armored vehicle, the quickest was to deal with them is to unleash the Exterminador supremo backpack. It’s an instant take-down, so good to get your out of trouble before it gets properly brewing.
  • Build the Hideout network as soon as you get a Guerrilla Camp as this will give you the wingsuit, which makes it quicker to get to mission locations with the airdrop function.
  • Destroy anti-aircraft guns to give you more free space in the skies to use the airdrop function. It’ll definitely pay off in time. A quick method is to rock up, use triada mode and the La Varita to take out any enemies with ease and then use explosive, grenades, rocket launcher or grenade launcher to bust up the anti-aircraft guns.
  • When you do destroy one of them, don’t forget to search around for the deplete uranium they have, as this can be used to upgrade your Resolver Weapons and Supremo Backpacks.
  • Once you do all of that, you should purchase all of the Hideouts to quickly expand your airdrop options, so you can wingsuit to any location on the map, which will save you a lot of time.
  • If you get to a mission and it seems impossible, you might want to check your Guerrilla rank on the Arsenal tab, because it might be a lot lower than the mission recommends. If that’s the case, you can leave the mission and grind out a few side quests and map objectives to pick up enough Xp to level up. Far Cry 6 doesn’t go into a lot of detail about it, but the level system is definitely in place, so boost up if you need it.
  • Use cover, especially if you’re getting cut to pieces and you need space to heal. You can then be more patient and wait for your heal option to charge back up again.
  • If you get set on fire, you’ll need to press heal twice to actually heal. The first time will be to put out the flames and the second is to get your health back again. You can do these instantly, one after the other.
  • Some missions seem never ending in terms of the enemies that you’ll need to face and the reality is that some of them actually are. Check your objective on the screen to make sure you’re not missing out on another action you’re actually meant to be doing. If so, focus on that a bit more and you might just close out a mission without needing to beat everyone.
  • Make sure you keep picking up ammo as you progress through missions either by walking over enemies or with ammo dumps.
  • You can also switch gear any time you want to, so if you get to a point that needs better soft round protection or fire, blast, poison etc. you can change things up.
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    Upgrade mods hints and tips

    A key element to progression in Far Cry 6 is the upgrade system, which is a lot more important than it might seem to be to begin with. The hints and tips below will point you in the right direction for these, so help you to make the key upgrades you’ll need to speed through the game a little easier.

  • Job one should be to upgrade Oluso to the max. This takes an already powerful Amigo and turns her into an almost unstoppable animal that can be used to wipe out the enemies before Dani even lifts her gun.
  • You also need to get your assault rifle setup right from the get go. You want the best silencer you can afford, which will allow you to head shot enemies and take out alarms from distance without alerting anyone else. The laser pointer will also help with accuracy and if you throw in the specter sight you get a nice 2x mid-range zoom, which is good for all occasions.
  • If you want to smash vehicles even faster, then upgrade the Exterminador Artillery Supremacy, which will give it a damage boost.
  • You should also add in a mod for assault rifle ammo, which will reduce the number of times you run out of ammo in longer missions.
  • If you want your supremos to charge up faster, then add in the sharpshooter mod which will give you a boost for every headshot. Combine this with the tips above and you’ll be unstoppable.
  • Having a good rocket launcher comes in handy for later mission when there are more helicopters to take down. Add in mods to lock on, improve speed and headshot supremo and you’ll have a real workhorse in between supremo charges.
  • Armor piercing ammo is a must for your assault rifle, but it’s good across the board. For the occasions when run out of ammo and need to switch to your light machine gun, it will be helpful if it can also puncture armor.
  • You can upgrade La Varita to make it even more potent with options for better ammo depletion, optic zoom and damage.
  • Upgrade your Guerrilla Garrison if you want better support from NPCs during missions. This will give you snipers and rocketeers, which can help to keep enemies busy or down to give you time when you need it.
  • Puzzle, location and traversal tips

  • If you can’t find an objective marker for what you’re looking for, read the description in the top right of the screen in more detail. There are often tips to follow. For example, if it tells you to get to the elevator, but the doors aren’t open then you need to look for the button to press next to it, or if it says to find the computers then walk up to anything that remotely resembles a computer to see if you can interact with it.
  • If you can’t progress through a traversal area, there might well be a grapple point to find. Look up and down to see what you can find.
  • If you’re climbing and there doesn’t seem to be a way to continue, look around to see if Dani extends a hand towards another ledge. This will then give you a jump option to allow you to move again.
  • If an area is blocked off, look for breakable wood to get through, or a rear window to shoot out a lock. If you actually need a key, then the objective will tell you about it. If there’s no mention of a key then you’ll need to get creative.
  • If there’s talk of a mission character going to feed an animal as their last note entry then the thing you’re looking for will probably be in the animal’s tummy. You know what you need to do.
  • Get as much intel as you can. If you see an NPC with an exclamation mark over their heads, talk to them to get new opportunities. This will build out your options for picking up supremo bonds and gun powder from ambushes or supply drops.
  • If you the puzzle is a bit more cryptic then look around for anything out of the ordinary. For example, in the Oku’s Triada Relic mission, you’re told to investigate a well that has been shut up. The solution is a button that you have to walk close to. This will allow you to activate it and get into the well.
  • You can check out how to take a photo in Far Cry 6 to get some tips on the photo mode or check out the Far Cry website for more details at https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/home.