Frozen 2 UK release date, story synopsis and the latest on the age rating and runtime

Frozen 2 UK release

Sequels don’t get much more eagerly awaited than the upcoming Frozen 2 UK release date (details below) and with a trailer that sets things up to be as good as, if not better than the original we could be on for another modern-day Disney masterpiece. The people behind the Magic Kingdom have got a habit of hitting runs of good form and that seems to be the case at the moment, so here’s the lowdown on the release, including the synopsis and latest details for the age rating and runtime. You can also watch the Frozen 2 trailer at the bottom of the page.

It’s been six years since Anna and Elsa first burst into song on the big screen and with Disney’s increasing tendency to release sequels, the second Frozen film will hit cinemas later this year. As you’d expect with a film featuring a talking snowman and more ice than Mr. Frosty’s cold bits, it’ll be out just in time for Christmas, adding even more festive cheer to the Holidays.

It follows other recent Disney sequels like Finding Dory and long standing series like Toy Story 4, but part 2 of the Arendelle adventure might just be the biggest release of them all. The first film had a box office haul of well in excess of a billion dollars globally and with so many fans the second film could well be even more popular with the addition of newcomers to the magical story of Anna and Elsa.

It also follows up on the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, a Disney Square Enix crossover game that let gamers play an massive sweeping adventure featuring a slightly altered version of the Frozen story. If you haven’t played the game, you can see all of the action in the Arendelle walkthrough, which includes a funny section where you have to find all of Olaf’s pieces to put him back together again.

Frozen 2 release date UK

The Frozen 2 UK release date of has been confirmed for Friday the 22nd November 2019, making it one of the must-see films coming out over the Holidays. It arrives on the same day in the USA and Canada, so there shouldn’t be any worry about spoilers before you get to see it on the big screen.

It’s got a very clear run at the box office with very little coming out on the same week, or in the weeks leading up to the release. Bing At Christmas will be out a week later in the UK for younger audiences along with the latest movie adaptation of Charlie’s Angels for older audiences.

You can see more on the film at the Disney website

Age rating and parents guide

The official Frozen 2 age rating for the UK is yet to be confirmed as of yet by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) with the release date scheduled for November. However, the previous film had a certification of PG in the UK and the US with references to the mild threat, and that should be the case again for the 2nd film. We’ll update with more details as they’re confirmed.


As with the age rating, the runtime for the film hasn’t been confirmed with two months still to go until the release, but the previous film clocked in at 1 hour, 42 minutes, so we expect Frozen 2 to be around the same time. Other recent Disney films have been similar in length with Toy Story 4 at 1 hour, 40 minutes and Ralph Breaks the Internet at 1 hour, 52 minutes, so it’ll be in that ball park.

Story synopsis

Frozen 2 takes place a few years after the events of the first film and sees Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven journeying north with Elsa to discover why she was born with magical powers. They need to find the truth in order to save their kingdom, but you can see from the trailer below that it’s going to be a dangerous path to follow. Guided by the Grand Pabbie of the troll clan they set out together to discover the source of it all.

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Frozen 2 official trailer

The official trailer sets things up well for the film with just enough of the story synopsis and action to keep fans wanting more. There are no comedy moments in the trailer, so either Disney is saving Sven and Olaf’s best bits for the full movie release itself or there’s going to be more trailers between now and November.