Halo Infinite how to use threat sensor

Halo Infinite how to use threat sensor

As you’re making your way through the Halo Infinite campaign you won’t need to progress too far into the game before you find the threat sensor, but you might be a bit unsure about how to use it. The mini-tutorial page on it is brief and even if you took in the majority of the information it’s easy to be a little confused about how to access it rapidly in battle.

This might seem like it’s a big problem pretty much as soon as you find the threat sensor on the dead Spartan that you find towards the end of the Tower mission. The next thing you get after that is the Chak ‘Lok boss fight and with his invisibility cloaking device it can be tough to work out how to beat him without having a good grip on how to use the threat sensor.

Essentially, when you place one of them down it will highlight an enemy’s position, so you’ll be able to see them, but when you first unlock it the radius of the sensor is small, so it only works when the enemy is within the area. However, the real challenge is knowing how to change your add-on function from grapple to threat and then how to beat deploy it for maximum benefit, which you can find out how to do in the section below.

How to change to threat sensor and place it well

The threat sensor is attached to the same tech as the grapple shot, so using the Xbox controller you press the RB to be able to drop one using the aiming sight to point to the place you want it to be. However, to begin with pressing RB will simply trigger the grapple as usual, so you’ll need to switch over to the threat sensor to be able to use it.

The process is going to sound a little convoluted to begin with, and in all honesty it is, but when you get used to the button presses it’ll start to feel a bit like second nature. To start the process to change from grapple to one of the other tech upgrades you unlock, you press the right button on the D-Pad (for anyone not too sure what this is, it’s the cross shaped directional pad on the bottom right with simple up, down, left and right buttons).

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to then press the down button on the D-Pad and this will change your tech from Grappleshot to Threat Sensor. From here, you will then be free to use it by pressing RB when you’ve got yourself correctly aimed at where to drop it.

Just placing it directly in front of you isn’t usually the best tactic, because it creates the radius around you. Instead, what you should aim to do it to place it where you suspect there are enemies to be identified. When you fight Chak ‘Loc (which you can read more about below), the area isn’t actually all that big so the radius should highlight the boss if you go for a central location.

However, later in the game, you’re kind of going to need to use it a lot more strategically. You can throw it a lot like a grenade to place it further away and to aim for locations where you think the hidden enemy might be. You can then use this information to get yourself into a good spot to be able to take them down.

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Threat sensor on PC

If you’re playing Halo Infinite on the PC and you’re using the Xbox controller then the instructions above will be the same for you, but if you’re trying to use the threat sensor with keyboard commands then things are a bit different. In fact, they’re a little bit easier to use, so you should have even less difficulty remembering how to do it.

Instead of having to press two buttons and remembering the combination, you’ll just have to press numbers 1 to 4 to switch between grapple, threat sensor, drop wall and thruster. A standard, 1 is the grappleshot and number 2 is the sensor, so you should be able to switch over and back again with a lot of speed.

Once you have it selected, you can then aim and use it by pressing Q. Again, to start with drop location isn’t necessarily important, but as you progress you’ll need to aim and be more tactical about where you lob these to help you progress through the later sections of the PC campaign.

Should you use the threat sensor in the Tower boss fight with Chak ‘Lok?

The pragmatic answer is that it’s kind of up to you if you want to use the sensor to show you where Chak ‘Lok is, but as you can see from the video below it isn’t strictly speaking necessary. At this stage, you probably won’t have had time to get used to the process of switching between the tech, so an alternative approach is to use other methods to pinpoint his location and beat him.

A good option is to run initially and pick up one of the coils. Retrace your steps and you should intercept Chak ‘Loc. You’ll either here him, or see the shimmer or he might attack, but you can then lob the coil in the general direction of him and the blast will show you where he is, so you’ll be able to land a nice grappleshot hit and fire in some weapons damage.

You can cycle, rinse, repeat this until the Tower boss fight is done and dusted. The mangler is pretty good at dealing damage, as you can see in the video and when you get the technique down, you can pick up the coils to land quicker hits to take down the shield and start actually dealing proper damage.

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