Halo Infinite bosses

Halo Infinite bosses

Master Chief games may not be that well known for their bosses, but we think that might be about to change at least a little with Halo Infinite. We’ll know a lot more once it launches on the 8th December 2021, but there are a few hints in the campaign overview video below that point to the possibility of some more significant one-on-one battles in the latest installment of the series.

It makes sense when you look at the partially open world setting and the sheer impact of bosses in other big first person shooters in recent years like the hospital boss in The Last of Us Part II. Even Call of Duty Vanguard threw in a few bosses with its hilariously titled Jaggerbomber and the stealth slasher against Steiner in the frozen city of Stalingrad.

However, if you look back on Halo games there are probably only a couple of boss fights in total, so we’re not expecting Infinite to go overboard of the number of big hitters. Looking at the overview video, there are two core contenders to be considered proper bosses, so here’s everything we know about them and how their mechanics might work.

Once the game launches, we’ll update things here to give you some tips on how to beat each of the big-beast enemies in the game. Considering the fact that the series has avoided them in the past because of the existing challenge of multiple enemies and elites, the bosses will really need to elevate the challenge somehow, so we’re expecting them to be tough and memorable.

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Halo Infinite boss fight tips

Tremonius – this is the first boss fight that you’ll take on in Halo Infinite and he arrives with a lot of menace. It comes at the end of the second mission, Foundation, just as you’re about to head up to the surface. However, when your new AI calls down the elevator this brute comes down on it to dish out the pain.

He’s got a similar shield regeneration to Master Chief, so the key here is not to give him too much time to get back to full shield. You’ll only be able to damage him once you bring down the shield, so keep the pressure up. Attack and run and then circle back to it when your shield starts to regenerate if you get hit and you’ll be able to repeat this until its down.

You throw some of the plasma tanks at it, but grenades to a good job. Use your gun to stun it in place once its shield is down and immediately fire out a grenade before firing your gun again. The idea is that you get it to stay in one place for long enough to take a grenade blast to the face, which does wonders to its health bar.

Follow along with the video above to see Tremonius getting his cards punched.

Tovarus and Hyperius – this duo comes during the Pelican Down mission. Take them on individually and try to beat all of the enemies in the vicinity before you engage them to ensure it’s just you versus them. Hyperius is the best to tackle first and you can use the mounted gun in the video below to smash him to pieces.

Continue to use the mounted gun on any new or visible enemies before moving on to the second of the two bosses, Hyperius. Use the pulse carbine behind an upgraded drop wall to bring down its shield until he eventually retreats into the big broken spaceship to the side of the boss fight area.

Up there, you can find the M41 to do big damage and then defeat him with the Hydra on the other side of the room. Use more drop wall for cover and throw in the added grenades for good measure to beat him good.

Halo Infinite campaign overview bosses

The first of the Halo Infinite bosses that appear in the campaign overview is a robotic enemy that you can see Master Chief facing off against at 2:52. You can see that John fires a fair few blast at it without doing much in the way of damage, while he takes a couple of hits himself, which has a fairly beefy impact on his shield bar, taking it down by around 15% with each hit.

The other important point is that there are no other enemies around it, which is another good sign that it might be a boss fight. Halo games are known for their swarms and variety of enemies in most situations, so the fact that this is seemingly a one-on-one battle makes it a strong contender.

It’s possible it could just be a new high-powered enemy type and this is just the first appearance of it to give you a chance to work out its mechanics, but the close confines of the area are reminiscent of the setup of boss fights in The Last of Us Part II, which could be replicated here. Additionally, if you keep watching the video you’ll see Spartan-117 taking down a hulking Banished enemy with just a couple of shots, which is another good sign that the confrontation with the robot is more than just a normal enemy fight.

There’s little to go on in terms of how to beat it, but the fact that it has its gun in it’s right hand means that wheeling around to the right might help to minimise damage taken. The limited space could be another factor with more emphasis on hit and move tactics with similarities to the hospital monster mentioned above.

The second possible boss fight featured in the campaign overview video is referred to as a sadistic Spartan killer, so it’s being set up as a real threat to Master Chief. You can see it at the 5:18 point appearing out of nowhere with the line, “say good bye”, before unveiling two red blades that look like they’re going to do a lot of damage.

Its name is Jaga Urdomna and while you don’t see it attacking John or vice versa, it’s clearly being set up as one of the big challenges in the game. There are a lot of different directions that this could be taken in. The fact that it’s know as a Spartan killer means that it’s clearly go the measure of taking down the guardians of humanity, so it could be something similar to Mr. X from Resident Evil where it pursues John as an unbeatable enemy to start with.

However, looking at its introduction in the Halo Infinite campaign overview video, it seems more like it’s going to be a traditional boss fight, although with possible multiple stages throughout the game. The fact that it has blades instead of guns, and a cloaking ability makes it feel similar to the Oda boss fight in Cyberpunk 2077, so we’re expecting Jaga to melee attack for the most part.

If that’s the case, then it will probably have a sizeable shield too, so you’ll need to whittle away at it while avoiding it’s slashes. Oda had to take time to regenerate its shields, which gave you a break every now and again, so it’ll be interesting to see how its mechanics actually work.

If it is unstoppable to begin with then maybe there will be something to unlock later in the game to help you defeat it. We’ll also update things with more of the Halo Infinite bosses when the release date comes around next week.

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