Life’s Too Short

The new Ricky Gervais show for the BBC brings back Warwick Davies from Willow.

This is the best news since I found out that they’re bringing back GamesMaster. If you haven’t seen Willow, watch it it’s class, and so will be Life’s Too Short if Warwick Davies’ appearance in Extras is anything to go by.

Coming to BBC 2 soonish, and written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the show will follow the life of Warwick Davies, show business dwarf, although I’m hoping that it will be in the same twisted way that Jean Claude Van Damme played himself in JCVD. With a single camera and observational sitcom style similar to that of Extras, Life’s Too Short could make Warwick as big as he was in the eighties during the height of Willowmania… Sorry!

There’s also a rumour of cameos for Gervais and Merchant (who i saw do a cartwheel on TV the other day. Needless to say it was the best and worst I’ve ever seen) and HBO are developing the series for America.

While there’s no word of them letting Karl Pilkington in on the action (ideally deluded that he is a dwarf himself due to his mother and father being dwarfs and applying to Davies to join his small person talent agency), the show sounds like it could be class.

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