Mark Bonnar joins cast of Humans Series 3 as filming gets underway

Humans Series 3 castChannel 4 and Kudos have confirmed that filming for Humans Series 3 is underway, kicking things off for the cast and crew of the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller. They have also added Mark Bonnar to the cast, who you might recognise as Fran’s husband Chris from Channel 4 sitcom, Catastrophe. It builds on his more serious role in the 2017 BBC 1 thriller Appletree Yard, so he should make a good new addition to the cast.

Mark will be playing a smooth government scientist called Neil Sommer, who strikes up a connection with mother and series regular Laura, who is played by Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd). He joins the show as the alternate universe setup is on the verge of descending into chaos with the relationship between synths and humanity at an all time low.

Series 3 will continue the story of synth family Mia, Niska and Max in the aftermath of the release of the consciousness programme by Niska at the beginning of the second series. There are more synths with consciousness, but severe oppression has put them all at risk, leaving them to do what they can just to survive.

While there will be initial motions towards an uneasy peace between the human and synth societies, the latest details on the next series indicate that in-fighting will be the next hurdle for the synths. With all of that playing out, there will also be more from the Hawkins family, who find themselves just as split as everyone else on the future for the synth race.

It’s set to be yet another thought provoking and intense look at the morality issues surrounding artificial intelligence. With consciousness so prevalent in the show for the synths, it challenges the notions of life and human responsibility, making it one of the most interesting perspectives on the technological advancements that we’re seeing in reality.

Mark Bonnar will be joining Parkinson, along with the rest of the series regulars, Gemma Chan, Tom Goodman-Hill, Emily Berrington, Colin Morgan, Ivanno Jeremiah and Ruth Bradley. There will be another batch of eight episodes to look forward to and if you’ve missed out on any of the previous series, you can catch up on All 4.

Humans Series 3 isn’t due to air on Channel 4 until 2018, so filming should be ongoing for a good portion of this year. It also gives us a little time for a few more new cast members to be announced in the runup to the show’s return next year. Hopefully, we’ll start to see images from the set and a trailer for the show in the not too distant future.

Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley have returned to lead the writing team behind the third series and they’ll start to see it all come together with filming underway. The show is based on original Swedish sci-fi thriller of the same name, which was created by Lars Lundstrom.

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