Dune 2 UK release date, age rating and runtime look ahead

Dune 2 UK release date, age rating and runtime look ahead

With the recent arrival of the first film at the box office, we’re going to look ahead to the Dune 2 UK release date latest, along with everything else we can pull together on the film. This will include the latest on the age rating and details on the runtime, along with the story synopsis and cast to bring you up to speed on the sequel as it develops.

The first film set the scene for Part 2 with Duke Leto of house Atreides shipping his family out to the Spice planet of Arrakis, a barren wasteland of sand dunes and giant monster worms. Sadly, the whole thing is a setup by Emperor Shaddam, who has conspired with the former ruler of the planet, Baron Harkonnen, to stage a coup that is planned to eradicate the entire house of Atreides.

The opening film closed out the first half of the story with Paul and his mother Jessica escaping the assault and making it safely to the Fremen, the native people of Arrakis. Paul’s visions about the Fremen and impending war are coming true as he meets the girl from his dreams, Chani, and the second part will see them battling to save them all from the tyranny of the Harkonnens and the Emperor overlord.


The Dune 2 cast will see Timothée Chalamet (The French Dispatch) return as the Duke’s son, Paul Atrreides, along with Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible 7) as his mother, Jessica. Zendaya (Spider-Man No Way Home) will have a much bigger part to play as Chani in the 2nd part to the story, and they’ll be joined by Josh Brolin (Avengers: Endgame) who will be back as as Gurney Halleck and Javier Bardem (Skyfall) as Fremen Stilgar.

On the darker and more brutal side of the divide will be Stellan Skarsgård (Avengers: Age of Ultron) as Baron Harkonnen, Dave Bautista (Blade Runner 2049) as Glossu Rabban, and David Dastmalchian (The Suicide Squad) as Piter De Vries. We’ll update you with more details on the cast as they’re confirmed.

Dune 2 UK release date

At the moment, the Warner Bros. website doesn’t have anything confirming for the Dune 2 UK release date, but there’s plenty to go on already. Firstly, the opening movie has only just arrived on the big screen at the end of 2021, so it’s very unlikely that we’ll get the sequel in 2022 with nothing to indicate that the production included filming for Part 2.

When you look at it like that, 2023 is the first credible option for when the film might come out and with a big release like this Warner Bros. might want to go for one of the big three cinema going times of the year. Easter is the first, but it might well be a little too soon, especially with the possibility of more disruption from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

That means that a summer blockbuster is a strong contender, but if things don’t go so smoothly during filming or they want to pitch the film for a bigger audience potential then Christmas 2023 is a good shout. However, the first film did very well with its autumn release on the 21st October 2021, so it’s also possible that they’ll aim for something similar in 2023.

Obviously, if things don’t go so well during filming or any other part of the production process, or there’s another big variant on the loose in 2023 then it’s possible that the film will be pushed into 2024. It seems like a very outside chance, but with all of the lengthy delays we’ve seen over the last couple of years for the movie industry, it’s far from impossible.

We’ll update things here as more general details are confirmed and you can follow us on Twitter to keep tabs on the release date. You can also see more on the movie in the run up to the release with the official Warner Bros. Twitter page at https://twitter.com/wbpictures.

Age rating

As you might expect, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) won’t announce the UK age rating for Dune 2 until we get much closer to the release date, but with Part 1 already out we have a strong hint at what to expect. It was given a 12A certificate and looking ahead at the story it seems like a good ball park for the sequel.

For North America, the age rating was PG-13, so in keeping with the UK classification, which again hints at where things will land with Part 2.

Again, we’ll keep things updated here and you can also check out our movie news section to see other upcoming films in 2022, or read more about the Dune novels that have inspired the film at https://www.dunenovels.com/novels.


As with the age rating, the runtime for Dune 2 won’t be confirmed until a couple of weeks ahead of the release date, but with Part 1 clocking in at 2 hours 35 minutes, it should be a similar case for the sequel.

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